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    How to Keep Things Hot in a Long-Term Relationship

    How to Keep Things Hot in a Long-Term Relationship

    Oh, long-term love. It's beautiful, it’s reliable, and it’s oh-so-cozy. But let’s face it: living with or dating someone for an extended period of time can sometimes cause that initial flame to dwindle. Fear not, my lovebirds, because keeping things exciting in a long-term relationship isn't as daunting...

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    We gave four couples our penis casting and vulva casting kits! We want to show the world what cloning your naughty bits is really like, so we asked them to use Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy and then tell us about their experiences. This is what...

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    Stay Sexy for Halloween

    Whether you’re looking for something shocking, interested in trying something new, or you’re already a total veteran to sexy Halloween events, the ones we’ve listed below are for anyone and everyone in Portland, OR. These are our top picks:   Kruger Farms 2016 Corn Cabaret ...

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    SLUTWALK 2016

    Clone-A-Willy & Clone-A-Pussy represented at the recent Amber Rose Slut Walk in Los Angeles, California,spreading our core ethos - Be proud of your body, it's beautiful and unique in the best ways.   Read more


    GOAT & TABLE is doing a giveaway in honor of their new site launch! Visit their Instagram to enter to win a Clone-A-Willy or Clone-A-Pussy kit! Contest ends October, 29th!

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    How to Shop for Sex Toys

    How to Shop for Sex Toys a class review and recap of “the Joy of Toys”, part two A few weeks ago, I was given information that I rarely thought about before but should: how to properly shop for a sex toy. ...

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    How Celebrities React to
    Clone-A-Willy & Clone-A-Pussy

    Nothing quite compares to the genuine excitement, fear, and intrigue that painted some of our favorite celebs faces at the recent Emmy Awards when we handed out our Clone-A-Willy & Clone-A-Pussy kits. We feeeel you boo. Read more

    She Bop Explains the History of Sex Toys

    a class review and recap of “the Joy of Toys”, part one Gretchen, of She Bop, hosted a class a few weeks ago called “the Joy of Toys”. We, the audience, were given a swift and surprising rundown regarding the history of sex...

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    Clone-A-Willy Does The
    Emmy's 2016

    We had the honor of spending last weekend handing our kits out to some of TV's grooviest stars. Congrats on all the Emmys that went out! Maybe they can make a copy of their awards in neon...

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    Clone a Willy :: A Swedish Film

    Checkout this artsy Swedish short film by Markus Haraldsson  //Follow Danne on his way to reclaim his "junk" after getting dumped.

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    Going to Intense Places :: Part Two

    We took the Clone-a-Willy and Clone-a-Pussy kits around the beautiful Pacific Northwest forest, with the intention of seeking a quiet adventure. Read more

    I Found Myself Through Mindful Erotic Embodiment

    I drove towards Seattle questioning everything. What am I supposed to wear? What am I supposed to bring? What kind of people go to this? I’ve been feeling a little disconnected sexually and socially. I was going to a community masturbation workshop. When I arrived...

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    A Night at the Mystery Box Show

    My friend and I had hardly an idea of what we were getting ourselves into. It was my first time even stepping foot into the Alberta Rose theater, but both of us had never been to a Mystery Box show before either. The host of the night, who...

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    Jade Egg Review

    Last week, She Bop hosted a class focused on a fascinating topic: the jade egg. Kim Keller, a certified Tantric instructor and intimacy coach based in Ashland, Oregon, explained the stone and unveiled many secrets about the vagina. Keller frequently referred to the female anatomy as the “inner...

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    "We're Stronger Together" Portland's ADX Founder Kelley Roy Talks Portland Makers

    This Tuesday evening the Clone-A-Willy team took a little trip to Portland's Hand-Eye Supply, a store dedicated to locally-made work wear and tools. Hand-Eye Supply holds meetings every Tuesday covering different topics for their Curiosity Club. The Curiosity Club is a self proclaimed "forum for the fearlessly curious", so you...

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    What is the Modern Experience?
    a visual narrative and questionnaire

    How often do we need to define and characterize the emotions and experiences that are involved in intimacy? Which expectations do you habitually fall into while experiencing this with another human being (s)? How often and to what degree do you experience love...

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    A Review of “Pleasure, Power, and Pain:
    An Introduction to BDSM"

    Early last year, Portland was named the “kinkiest city in America”, which was based on the “city’s total kink population, the number of kink-aware professionals listed in the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom’s (NCSF) resource directory, and on pornography...

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    Clone-A-Pussy // Create. Enlighten. Empower.

    Clone-A-Pussy allows you to make an exact copy of your lady bits (or scientifically known as the vulva) in 100% Platinum Cure Silicone or Milk Chocolate.  Brought to you by the creators of Clone-A-Willy, you now can see yourself at a whole new angle in the comfort of your home. ...

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    THAT LOOKS LIKE A....[With Clone-A-Willy]

    @meepygal  is back at it again with another fun video on her YouTube channel! This time we've teamed up to do a photo contest and giveaway! To enter post an original photo of anything that looks like a willy (feel free to...

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    Going to Intense Places :: Part one

    We took the Clone a Willy kits to New York City and Berlin, Germany with the intention of adventuring and experiencing new people amongst the bustling cities. What we were not expecting was to be inspired by the strange in the familiar. Read more


    FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY - - A comedy about "Willy" from Clone a Willy on Vimeo. Checkout this hilarious new video by our pals JENNAH BRITTANY & LAURA CLERY!!& may this be a lesson to you. Jennah Brittany Read more

    Color Me Rainbow -- A Week Of Portland Pride

    We wait all year for Pride, so we might as well get the most out of it by stretching out the celebration for AS LONG AS WE POSSIBLY CAN! See below for a way to spend every day leading up to Pride. (For even more events: check out Saturday...

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    This week we are excited to feature the seventh edition to a series of short stories written by local writer Colette Pomerleau. Throughout this series she colorfully describes the experiences we all have when dabbling in the world of Tinder, and explores the short stories those...

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    A Discussion and Reading with Amber J. Keyser

    Last Thursday evening, She Bop hosted a class, but more of a discussion under the guidance of  Amber J. Keyser. Keyser is editor of the V-Word: True Stories of First-Time Sex and had a memorable way...

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    MTV Movie Awards: Celebrities & Clone-A-Willy Oh My!

    This week Raven-Symone released two new singles for the first time in eight years! Of course this news got us very excited since we had the pleasure of meeting Raven at our gift suite for the MTV Movie Awards 2016 last month! We decided to celebrate the...

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    The Creators of Clone-A-Willy:
    Questions With Co-CEO Joe Hanson

    An interview by CJ Asher // Sex & Sexuality Blogger CJ Asher, based out of Philadelphia, PA, asks one of the creators of Clone-A-Willy questions you all want to know. We pulled some of our most frequently asked questions to share!   C.J. Asher – What was...

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    A (Quick Guide) to Sex Positive Portland

    We’ve organized an updated list of clubs, resources, entertainment, shops and beyond for your pleasure and curiosity. Social: Calendars, Meetings, Public and Private Clubs, Community and Educational Centers Q Center 4115 N. Mississippi Ave. (503) 234-7837 Read more

    Review: Open Relationships 101 with Tristan Taormino

    By: Colette Pomerleau Walking into the lecture with Tristan Taormino and having very little expectations seemed to be the right way to digest an evening dedicated to open relationships. Because it was hosted by the local "adult boutique", She Bop, I knew I...

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    Connections to a Space

    We all have our own stories tied to specific buildings, neighborhoods and cities. Sometimes they're shared while others are kept private forever. One of the most beautiful aspects of architecture and the built environment in general is the unique connection to a space. Here, we took the Clone a Willy...

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    "Songs to go out to"

    There’s an art to choosing appropriate songs to listen to while you get ready to take on the night, particularly a weekend night. We’ve got that covered for you. Below, we’ve listed reasons why each artist and song will prepare you for the best and for the worst....

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    Savage Love Letter: Clone-A-Husband

    Letter written to Dan Savage and shared on the Seattle Stranger's SLOG - Savage Love.FIND THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE! While I can certainly appreciate what’s hot about this fantasy, CUMDUMP, I can’t sign off on your proposed remedy to your husband's inability to...

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    A visual representation of the interaction between the Clone-A-Willy and you. “the process of finding”   “laying it all on the line”   Read more

    Top Ten Unconventional Places
    to Go on a Date in Portland

    By Colette Pomerleau It’s time to put a little more effort in the way you’re dating. This is the era where meeting for a drink in a dimly-lit bar while making small talk is no longer relevant. Below, we’ve listed our top ten locations to take your next...

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    Cleaning Your Clone-A-Willy

    Now that the process of making an exact copy of your favorite willy is complete, you probably can’t wait to try it out. However, keeping your willy clean and bacteria free is key to not only your safety, but the longevity of your...

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    We had a blast last week participating in a Valentine's Pop-Up Shop & Social in Portland put together by local lifestyle brand/blog...

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    12 Life Hacks For Cloning Your Willy

      We realize that cloning your Willy is something you probably don't do everyday. The molding process in particular can be a little strange. When's the last time you stuck your erect penis into a tube full of weird, white goo? Never mind. Don't answer that. Here are some tips...

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    5 Reasons Why a Custom Made Sex Toy is Better Than One Off The Rack

Searching for the perfect sex toy can sometimes turn into quite a mission. There are so many options out there it is often intimidating. Creating a custom-made sex toy can greatly relieve that anxiety and add some excitement to the experience as a whole. Your...

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    5 of Portland's Oldest & Sexiest Businesses

Originally opened as a piano bar, Mary’s Club was started in 1954. It is one of Portland’s oldest strip clubs. Even Courtney Love once graced Mary’s stage in the 1980s under the dancer name “Michelle”. In the heart of downtown Portland, Mary’s continues to put...

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    10 Weird & Sexy Date Ideas for Portlanders

    At Clone-A-Willy we aim to keep Portland weird…and SEXY. So we have put our heads together and come up with ten weird and sexy date ideas to help our favorite Portland peeps spice things up outside of the bedroom! TAKE A PERSONAL NAKED BIKE RIDE

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    How to Gain Confidence in (and out) of the Bedroom

    Losing the ability to believe in and love ourselves happens over time. Childhood traumas, shitty exes and cheats, not being good at something, failing someone, embarrassing sexcapades—the list goes on. To top it all off, we are obsessively body-conscious due...

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    Valentine's Gift Guide: A Clone-A-Willy for Any Level of a Relationship

    With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you're probably wondering what to get your special someone. You could go the well-worn route of jewelry, roses, or a box of chocolates, or you could step up your gift-giving game and get them something really personal, like a clone of...

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