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    Building Confidence As A Fat Lover

    Building Confidence As A Fat Lover
    Sex with plus sized partners is a topic that comes up frequently in my life from both women and men alike. For context, I'm a 6ft tall 275 lb. 28-year-old Scorpio woman who identifies as plus-sized. It's taken YEARS to get to the point where I can be fully naked in front of someone and feel like the baddest bitch in the room. I want to share some of my personal experiences and what helped build my confidence up.

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    How Our DIY Molding Kits Are Keeping
    People Connected During Quarantine

    How Our DIY Molding Kits Are Keeping <br>People Connected During Quarantine

    Times are tough, and many people are currently separated from those they love! Due to the pandemic, stress and separation have the ability to wreak havoc on sex lives and libidos. However, our Clone A Willy & Clone A Pussy DIY Molding Kits have been a great resource for those who are separated, or just as a stuck at home self-care project!

    We collected (w/ consent) a few of our customer's experiences of how our DIY molding kits have helped them nurture intimacy and practice self-love while staying home:

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    May Hoescopes 🔮

    May Hoescopes 🔮
    April might have left many of us feeling powerless, but our girl Six the Sextrologist has a fresh round of Hoescopes to help us all reclaim our power and manifest the sexiest May yet!

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    25 Shows About Sex To Binge
    (While You're Staying Home)

    25 Shows About Sex To Binge <br> (While You're Staying Home)

    Welp, we're still stuck at home. Since everyone inhaled our list of sex-positive films to spice up your quarantine ~ we're back with round two (we're people pleasers after all)!

    This time we've compiled a list of 25 binge-worthy sexy and/or sex-positive shows for all of your streaming desires!

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