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    Read and follow directions carefully when making your mold. Our molding powder consists of a high grade alginate derived from seaweed. It's completely body safe, gentle on the skin, and easy to clean up!
    Insert erection and follow exact timing in directions. Adjust tube gently from side-to-side if needed to make sure the erection is not touching the sides of the tube. Alginate will cure into a spongy, flexible mold, so your willy can be easily removed.
    Our silicone is a medical-grade platinum silicone, free from contaminants, phthalates, or toxins of any kind and is completely safe to use. Follow our guide for mixing and pouring silicone into the mold. Pour slowly to minimize air bubbles in the finished copy.
    24 hours later carefully pull hardened replica from tube. Each tiny ridge and vein should be perfectly reproduced and your replica will look and feel just like the real thing! Although it can be used with any lube, we suggest using a water-based lube. Shop our favorites here.

    What if I'm Curved?

    cut the tube at the arc of your curve
    After you cut the tube to the correct length, cut it into 2 pieces at a slight angle at the middle of your curve.
    Rotate the two pieces around until an appropriate angle is formed.
    Using duct tape, tape the two pieces together.
    Now you're ready to get started!