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    Our very first interview ~
    Penthouse 2001

    Our very first interview ~ <br>Penthouse 2001
    We're throwing it way back with this post. Seventeen years back to be specific, back in the early aughts of our cock casting endeavors. Check out our first official article from the February 2001 issue of Penthouse Magazine.

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    Let's Talk About Sex and Drugs

    Let's Talk About Sex and Drugs
    “Let’s talk about Sex and Drugs” is a bilingual (German and English) open mic in an open salon format from the community, for the community held regularly in London, Berlin, Zürich and recently Vienna. The topics involve stigma, prejudice, feelings of shame, and intimacy. Conversations specifically dive into sexual health practices, sex with substance use and sexualized use of substances (also known as ChemSex), HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases, pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV-negative people, and emergency treatment after HIV risk.

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    The Eroticism of Data

    The Eroticism of Data
    Last month, Berlin’s Museum der Dinge hosted a lecture given by Judith A. Allen of the Kinsey Institute called “The Eroticism of Data: Alfred C. Kinsey, Sampling, & cultural representations” to support their exhibition “the Eroticism of Things”. We were left to dissect the possibilities for the question, what makes things erotic?

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    Sebastian Black
    "My Part My Art"

    Sebastian Black  <br>
    "I also wanted to thank you guys for creating this product. I spent most of my life very insecure about the size, curve, shape, etc of my penis (and being uncut in America wasn't always the most comfortable thing for me to deal with) I know it sounds super cheesy but after making this mold & working with my penis (disconnected from my body) as a piece of art rather than just my penis, I have grown to really embrace my penis so much more than I ever did before."
    - Sebastian Black, Customer

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