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    10 Sexy (and Safe) Date Night
    Activities During Quarantine

    10 Sexy (and Safe) Date Night <br>Activities During Quarantine
    It's 2021 and we're still staying home! Does quarantine have you missing those spontaneous date nights with your SO? Yeah, us too. COVID may have made it difficult to keep the romance alive, but don’t let social distancing create distance between you and your partner. Here are 10 date night ideas for when you want to have fun, but also be safe—and heat things up, of course.

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    January Hoescopes 🔮

    January Hoescopes 🔮
    2021 is here and we are all manifesting brighter times! There is a collective sense of hope as we start to navigate the new year, and the planets are in our favor. With the "stargaze window" opening up in the night sky again on January 6th, after the last quarter moon, we will be able to see the stars above. The vast, dark sky is similar to the blank canvas of the year ahead, with many possibilities at our fingertips.

    On January 10th, keep an eye out for a "triple conjunction" when Saturn, Mercury, and Jupiter form a rare triangle. The first weekend of January is a great time to check-in with the parts of yourself that need a little extra love and connect with your intentions for the months ahead!

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    The Phases of The Lunar Cycle
    and How They Affect your Sex Life

    The Phases of The Lunar Cycle<br> and How They Affect your Sex Life

    Just like us, the Moon goes through phases—eight, to be exact. Each phase signifies something entirely different and also influences us in different ways, whether that be spiritually, mentally, emotionally—and yes, even sexually.

    Whether you’re partnered or riding solo, working with the energy of the Moon through each phase of the lunar cycle will not only give you a quick Astronomy lesson, it will also inspire, refresh, transform, and reignite your sex life.


    🌑 New


    A New Moon is when the Moon is positioned perfectly between the Sun and Earth. In this position, the Moon is not visible to us on Earth, revealing the dark side of the Moon. The energy from the New Moon signifies cleansing, new beginnings, and transformation.


    A New Moon is the perfect time to develop a plan to freshen up your sex-life, whether that be suggesting new sexual positions with your partner, or shop for new toys for self-pleasure. This is a time to reignite the fire within you or within your partnership that may have started to cool. The New Moon gives us a dark night, which can amplify the feeling to explore ourselves. Your sensuality will be open for new experiences, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone—this is the time to let all your fantasies come to the surface.



    🌒 Waxing Crescent


    A Waxing Crescent Moon happens when the Sun begins to move closer to the Moon, allowing it to illuminate from the darkness of the New Moon. This creates a crescent shape. This signifies growth and forward movement, as the Moon starts to illuminate again.


    Now that you have cleansed and brought your fantasies, dreams, and desires to the surface during the New Moon, it’s time to plant the roots to bring them to fruition. This is a time for strong communication with your sexual partner about your wants and needs in the bedroomor if you do not have a sexual partner, make sure to spend this phase getting closer to your own desires. Reflection with yourself and solid communication with your partner will prepare you for the sexual awakening you will experience as we move closer to the Full Moon.



    🌓 First Quarter


    A week after the New Moon comes the First Quarter Moon, when the Moon is half-illuminated. This phase signifies strength, determination, and focus. It’s common to face some resistance in different areas of your life during this phase, so it’s important to hold patience. Some of these obstacles may seem to come out of nowhere.


    You can apply this patience to our sexuality during this phase—either with your partner or with yourself, be patient through whatever arises. Make sure to listen to any problems your partner may be having during this time, or any needs they may have. Remember, healthy communication gives us a strong foundation for healthy sex. Your partner may share a secret fantasy to try bondage, or reveal their need to be dominated. Maybe you will realize you want to use a toy on yourself that you’ve never tried before. Make sure you stay flexible and ready to adapt to these newfound desires—they may come as a surprise.



    🌔 Waxing Gibbous


    Waxing Gibbous is an exciting phase because it’s one phase away from a Full Moon. This Moon is easily seen during the day because a large portion of it is illuminated. This phase is a time to refine, cultivate, and develop your ideas.


    During this phase, you may feel more impulsive, emotional, and passionate. It’s getting closer to the Full Moon, which is where your sexuality will be at its highestand your body knows it. This is the calm before the storm, so take things easy. Refine all those dreams and desires you’ve been cultivating. Give yourself a healthy dose of self-pleasure during this phase. Re-evaluate, and get in touch with what your body needs to prepare yourself for the Full Moon.



    🌕 Full Moon


    A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of Earth. Because the Sun is directly across from the Moon, the light completely illuminates it, making the Moon appear completely visible from Earth. The Full Moon represents abundance, energy, and the sealing of intention.


    This is it, babes. This is the climax of the lunar cycle. The maximum amount of light is reflecting toward Earth, which illuminates our desires and awakens our passion. Let’s be real—you’re going to have mind-blowing sex. Along with a heightened libido, a lot of people experience a peak of energy, difficult time sleeping, and emotional sensitivity. So let’s just say it’s not the time to take things personally. The best thing to do during this phase is to channel all that restless Full Moon energy into all-night sex. Remember those sexual positions you suggested during the New Moon? Now is the time to try them. Explore your fantasies, touch yourself, and put that heightened libido to good use.



    🌖 Waning Gibbous


    A Waning Gibbous is when the light from the Moon starts to decrease after the Full Moon, and more than half of the Moon is still illuminated. This phase signifies gratitude, facing the truth, and inward reflection.


    During this phase, we still have some energy from the Full Moon, but we begin to wind down as the lunar cycle moves closer to starting over. This is not the time to make big decisions or pursue new relationships—stop and look inward, reflecting on your revelations from the Full Moon. If you’re in a partnership, assess your connection now that the Full Moon has passed. Maybe you used to spend more time engaging in foreplay with your partner and now it’s strictly business. Or, maybe you used to enjoy getting frisky in public and now you’ve chilled on the PDA. Well, now is the perfect time to bring that back.



    🌗 Third Quarter


    The Third Quarter Moon is the opposite of the First Quarter Moon. In this phase, the Moon is half-illuminated, and signifies forgiveness and moving forward.


    During a Third Quarter Moon, you’re going to feel contemplative. This is the time to re-evaluate your love life. Anyone or anything that is holding you back has got to go. During this phase, there will also be a higher need for rest, sleep, and nourishment. You may not feel very sexual during this phase—and that’s OK. However, the endorphins that are released during orgasms can help relieve the energy lulls. So, if you’re feeling drained, try to connect with yourself during self-pleasure. Your body will thank you.




    🌘 Waning Crescent


    A Waning Crescent Moon is when the illumination of the Moon begins to decrease in preparation for the New Moon. This is the opposite phase of the Waxing Crescent Moon. This phase signifies surrender, the release of unhealthy patterns, and letting go of control.


    During the last phase of the lunar cycle, it’s time to wind down and relax to prepare for the start of a new beginning. Since your sexual needs have been the focus through the last few phases, your need for deeper emotional and verbal intimacy may be higher. Rememberyou’re approaching another New Moon where you will start planning out your next transformation, so use this time to deepen the emotional connection with yourself or your partner, and let the lunar cycle prepare to start again.


    December Hoescopes 🔮

    December Hoescopes 🔮
    Your ho-ho-hoescopes are here! See what the stars have in store for you this hoeliday season and how to practice self-care / pleasure along the way ~

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    November Hoescopes 🔮

    November Hoescopes 🔮
    It's election week and we are all stressed. Luckily our gal Angeli has this month's Hoescopes fresh off the press to remind us all to practice a little extra self-care this month and that pleasure is the best form of resistance! 

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