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    Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Demo Video

    Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Demo Video

    Presenting the second video in our new demo series: the Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Kit.

    The Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Kit is a fully functional, custom pocket pussy, and the newest addition to the Clone-A-Willy family. After many years of careful research and development from our team, you can finally clone it and bone it!

    Watch a curated overview of making the kit below:

    The Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit has been a smashing success so far in the introductory Hot Pink shade, and we know you want more. We're working on bringing all the skin tones to you ASAP, followed by a range of novelty colors soon after.

    Thanks again to Serpent Power Productions and the rest of the cast and crew for all the help with this video!

    Actor ~ Lisa Chiem

    Music ~ Pond5

    And remember-- for detailed, step-by-step instructions, please refer to the directions included with every Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit!

    Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit Demo Video

    Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit Demo Video

    It's finally here!

    The demo video for the Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit!

    We're constantly striving to make our kits easier to use, and the biggest part of that is making sure our instructions are clear and streamlined. To achieve that end, we're releasing a series of new videos that provide an overview of what to expect from the step-by-step molding process. The videos will drop over the next few weeks, and will be permanently hosted on our blogIGTV, YouTube channel, and How-To Page.

    The Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls Kit demo video is the first of the bunch. We think it turned out amazing, and we're thrilled to finally share it with you guys.

    Check it out below.

    Doesn't that make you want to make an exact replica of your favorite set of dick and balls? Click here to shop and Dildo It Yourself!

    Huge thanks to the team at Serpent Power Productions  here in Portland, OR for their help in bringing our vision to life:

    Actor ~ Aaron Grimes

    Music ~ Pond5

    For detailed, step-by-step instructions, please refer to the directions included with every Clone-A-Willy Plus+ Balls kit!

    Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

    Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas
    Bachelorette parties have become so popular that sometimes more planning goes into the bachelorette party than the wedding itself! It’s a celebration where you and all your friends are guaranteed to have an amazing time. While there are all sorts of ways that you can celebrate with your girlfriends, here are some fun ways to really take your bachelorette party to the next level.

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       These verbal indiscretions are not limited to men — I’m sure they simply can’t be. I am, though, a heterosexual transgender woman who is attracted to men. At one time, I myself played the part of a homosexual man — A contrived, tedious, and lackluster performance. For awhile, I was actively sexual with many men of different ages and backgrounds, some heterosexual, some not. For the past few years, though, I’ve only engaged in the act with one man. Thus, I am no stranger to the predictable colloquialisms of the bedroom — those of strangers and those of the ever familiar — and I am confident to submit that, in some freudian way, we live in a world largely scripted by erotic media. Rather, we fuck in a world largely scripted by erotic media.

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    AIDS/LifeCycle Pride Ride

    AIDS/LifeCycle Pride Ride
    This Pride Month, it’s important to reflect on how far the LGBTQ community has come since the Stonewall uprising, but also how far there is still to go before true equality is experienced by all. A majority of LGBTQ individuals have faced discrimination while seeking medical care, which is even more concerning when you consider that two-thirds of new HIV diagnoses are gay or bisexual men. Advocacy for equality in LGBTQ medical care has never been more important.

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