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    Backwoods Bedroom:
    Where it's Never Too Late to Love Yourself
    Backwoods Bedroom: <br>Where it's Never Too Late to Love Yourself

    Laurieann, the talent behind the sex-positive / body-positive blog Backwoods Bedroom recently reviewed our Clone-A-Pussy Molding Kit with a refreshing and inspirational take on exploring the female form. In addition to reviewing quality sex toys, Backwoods Bedroom also delves into...

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    Grow Closer, Replicate + Play
    Grow Closer, Replicate + Play

    Images, collages, & graphics curated by two very talented sisters Colette Pomerleau + Meggyn Pomerleau. Models: Viktorsha Uliyanova and Roberto Marcone                 SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave

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    Clone-a-Willy Visits the Schwules Museum
    Clone-a-Willy Visits the Schwules Museum

    Photo credit: Visit Berlin Tucked away on a quiet street in Berlin lives the world’s first gay museum. The Schwules Museum* is a museum exhibiting LGBTQ life. The Schwules Museum* originally opened in 1985, but the archive houses periodicals, a...

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