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    A Guide to Sex Positive Portland

    A Guide to Sex Positive Portland



    Bridgetown Sex Therapy

    5802 SE Powell Blvd #201, Portland, OR 97206

    (503) 893-8879

    All-inclusive therapy resource.


    Center for Couples & Sex Therapy

    3537 N Williams Ave #101, Portland, OR 97227

    (503) 941-0856

    All-inclusive therapy resource.


    Foundation for Sex Positive Culture

    1608 15th Ave. W. Seattle, WA 98119

    (206) 229-2185

    A Seattle-based but Pacific Northwest-focused foundation whose mission is to promote the many ways sex is beneficial through education, outreach, the arts, advocacy, and research programs that serve the public.



    4110 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd. #611 Portland, Oregon 97214-5246

    An annual three day event celebrating sexual diversity, BDSM, fetish and leather communities.


    Kinky Sexy Geeky

    Resource and educator for kink culture.


    Marisol Garcia Westberg, Ph.D. — Sex Therapist

    3804 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215

    (971) 263-6264

    All-inclusive therapy resource.


    National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

    822 Guilford Avenue Box 127, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202-3707

    (410) 539-4824

    Since 1997, the coalition has fought for sexual freedom and privacy rights for all adults who engage in safe, sane and consensual behavior.


    Q Center

    4115 N. Mississippi Ave.

    (503) 234-7837

    Provides a safe space to support and celebrate LGBTQ diversity, equity, visibility and community building.


    Portland Sex Therapy

    2311 E Burnside St #203, Portland, OR 97214

    (503) 850-8310

    All-inclusive therapy resource.


    Pride NW

    (503) 295-9788

    Organizers for the Portland Waterfront LGBTQ Pride festival and parade.


    Sex Love Liberation / Ev’yan Whitney

    P.O. Box #15184 | Portland, Oregon 97293

    Sexual liberation coach.



    An inclusive, sustainable event and education center to support the sex positive communities in Portland.


    Stella Harris

    (503) 568-1275

    Sex and intimacy coach.




    Fantasy for Adults Only

    1703 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

    3137 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

    (503) 295-6969

    Adult store.


    Langlitz Leathers

    2443 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202

    (503) 235-0959

    A shop specializing in custom made motorcycle leathers (jackets, pants, and vests), bags and accessories.


    She Bop

    909 N. Beech, Portland, OR, 97227

    3213 SE Division Street Portland, OR, 97202

    (503) 473-8018 - Beech location

    (503) 688-1196 - Division location

    An adult boutique specializing in non-toxic body-safe toys, exceptional books, female- and queer- friendly DVDs and quality sensuality products



    300 SW 12th Ave., Portland, OR 97205

    (503) 224-2604

    A shop specializing in high-quality BDSM products and adult novelties for twenty-five years.


    Play / Gather


    Bad Girls

    PO Box 14113, Portland, OR 97293

    SM/Leather club for women in Portland.



    5224 SE Foster Rd.

    (503) 726-9930

    An 18+ community center providing education, hands on workshops, play parties, and other social opportunities.


    CC Slaughters Nightclub and Lounge

    219 NW Davis St, Portland, OR 97209

    (503) 248-9135

    Energetic gay club with disco balls, a big dance floor & an adjacent lounge serving food & martinis.


    Crush Bar

    1400 SE Morrison, Portland, OR 97214

    (503) 235-8150

    Friendliest LGBT and Everybody Bar!


    Club Privata

    824 SW 1st Ave

    (503) 954-2701

    Upscale swingers lifestyle club.


    Dirty Playground PDX

    Queer events.


    Hawks PDX

    234 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214

    (503) 736-9999

    A sleek gay bathhouse located in the Kerns neighborhood.


    Local Lounge

    3536 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR

    (503) 282-1833

    Quirky, gay-friendly gathering place offering events like movie screenings, trivia & dance nights.


    Oregon Bears

    818 SW 3rd AVE, PMB #1153, Portland, OR 97204-2405

    An inclusive fraternal and social organization.


    Sanctuary Club

    33 NW Ninth Ave. Portland, Oregon

    (503) 555-1212

    A 21+ safe, clean environment for alternative lifestyles, LGBTQ and sex positive events.


    Sex Positive PDX

    A real community of open-minded, alive, and awake people (members and volunteers). Membership application required.



    318 SW 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97204

    (503) 224-4493

    Portland’s original gay man’s bar.



    2885 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

    (503) 736-9999

    A sleek gay bathhouse located in the Kerns neighborhood.


    The Velvet Rope

    3533 SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd

    (971) 271-7064

    A long-time running private social club to explore your fantasies.


    The Wink

    Since 2014, a weekly list of sexpositive, kink-friendly, gender aware events in Portland OR as well as Chicago, New York City, Orlando, and San Francisco.




    Dance Naked Productions

    Theater about sexuality.


    Hump! Film Festival

    A film festival featuring short dirty movies—each less than five minutes—all created by people who aren’t porn stars but want to be one for a weekend.


    Mystery Box Show

    A sex-themed storytelling series.


    Whoopee: a Sex Positive Variety Show

    A monthly live stage show produced and hosted by sex educator and comedic storyteller Amory Jane. It features a variety of acts from Portland-based performers.


    Provocative Visual Artists to Watch in 2017

    Provocative Visual Artists to Watch in 2017

    These six visual artists are ones to watch out for this year. Although they have varying artistic backgrounds, there’s an underlying theme that inspires us the most: provocation.



    Alexandra Von Fuerst is an Italian photographer based in London who works mainly with fashion photography, except it’s...dangerously flirtatious. We are in love with her recent surreal photo essay “Sensuality of the Objects’ with Odiseo Magazine” for many reasons, though it’s natural to be drawn to visuals that force the observer to look at the human body in a new, sensual way. The feeling is primal and exciting because there is a contemporary approach with this work.


    Instagram: @alexandravonfuerst


    English, LA-based artist Robin Eley’s 2012 solo exhibition, called “Singularity”, featured a series which shows hyperrealistic oil paintings depicting portraits of men and women wrapped with crinkled plastic paper. Eley states that he tries to explore the perception of isolation in the modern world, and the plastic wrap in his pictures works as a medium for this, since “it is something you can see through, but not feel through”. These seem to be bizarre, surreal photographs, but we dare you to take a second look.


    Instagram: @robineleyartist


    Pixy Liao is a Shanghai-born, Brooklyn-based photographer who is exploring work through questioning the gender dynamics often associated with heterosexual relationships. “My photos explore the alternative possibilities of heterosexual relationships. They question what is the norm of heterosexual relationships? (And) what will happen if man and woman exchange their roles of sex and roles of power?”


    Instagram: @bloodypixy


    Los Objetos Decorativos was founded by Rosa Rubio, and artist based in Barcelona. The project, involving the design of objects, the visual and installation is a “photographic exploration of organic materials, placed into a scenic setting, that forms an almost sculptural shape or a formal abstraction, charged with symbolism.” Rubio creates an entirely new meaning from otherwise unrelated objects, naturally placing a sexy narrative on the series.


    Instagram: @losobjetosdecorativos


    Timo Kuilder is an Amsterdam-based illustrator and graphic designer, who takes shapes to create diverse and memorable personalities. The illustrations and animations, though simple, carries an incredibly stimulating depth.


    Instagram: @zwartekoffie


    Florian Hetz  is a photographer who has often had these words associated with his work: penetrating, brutal, intimate, ferocious and confrontational. His work focuses on queer subculture, often providing close-ups and always a distinctive eye. It’s easy to distinguish what belongs to Hetz. If your eyes and mouth are open, it’s his.


    Instagram: @florian.hetz


    Written and researched by Colette Pomerleau






    Clone-a-Willy Takes on VEGA$

    Clone-a-Willy Takes on VEGA$

    Clone-a-Willy ventured around Downtown Las Vegas’s Fremont Street Experience. Downtown is full of the city's history and is undergoing a significant revival from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

    We bathed in neon lights, gazed at unconventional art installations, met the friendliest folks and experienced true local Vegas culture at its finest.

    Visit this historic bar for yourself next time you're in the city of sin!

    Hogs & Heifers
    201 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

    Written, researched, and photographed by Colette Pomerleau