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    Backwoods Bedroom:
    Where it's Never Too Late to Love Yourself

    Backwoods Bedroom: <br>Where it's Never Too Late to Love Yourself

    Laurieann, the talent behind the sex-positive / body-positive blog Backwoods Bedroom recently reviewed our Clone-A-Pussy Molding Kit with a refreshing and inspirational take on exploring the female form. In addition to reviewing quality sex toys, Backwoods Bedroom also delves into the world of lingerie, lubricants, and sexual position aids. Laurieann aims to build a community of knowledge and open communication, showing the world that sex is something to be shared, not hidden!


    If somebody would have told me a few years ago that I would one day be immortalizing my vulva in hot pink silicone, and then enthusiastically writing about it on the internet, I would have laughed and shook my head in disbelief. Recall that I haven’t always been comfortable with my with my body, including my genitalia. No doubt these insecurities are a byproduct of my repressive childhood.

    Amazingly, I’ve come along way since then and continue to kick shame in the ass on the daily. With this as my focus, the Clone-A-Pussy Kit by Empire Labs sounded like a body positive crafting experience I had to take part in. I have to confess the thought of replicating my vulva in hot pink silicone filled me with sweet anticipation.

    Whole New perspective

    If you think about, it’s really not that radical of an idea. It’s pretty commonplace to celebrate milestones by making castings of hands, feet, and baby bumps. So why not celebrate the vulva in all its magnificence in the same way?

    Men are born with the unique advantage of being able to see their genitals easily. Almost taking for granted the ease with which they learn to touch and handle their penis, early on. The benefits to their self-esteem, created from this familiarity and comfort, shouldn’t be underestimated.

    Unfortunately, the other half of humanity doesn’t have the same luxury. It’s often not until late childhood, or maybe even our teen years, before we get out a hand mirror and really see ourselves for the first time. Making matters even worse. As little girls, we are usually discouraged from touching our vulvas. Leaving a lot of us feeling detached or unsure of our genitalia. Which ultimately results in a great deal of internalized shame.

    The wonderful thing about Clone-A-Pussy is that it provides a new way to view our most intimate areas. Really, a truly new and unique perspective. I mean a mirror really can’t compare to a life-sized 3D silicone casting can it?

    The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and all the components to make your one of a kind silicone pussy. All you will need to have on hand are a measuring cup, a spoon or spatula, a mixing bowl, and a 4 oz or larger disposable cup. The kit includes everything else.

    The Clone-A-Pussy Kit really is simple to do. All it involves is mixing the molding powder with warm water and making an impression of your vulva. After that, all that is left, is to stir the silicone and pour it into your mold and patiently wait twenty-four hours for the silicone to cure. Then viola', you carefully peel the silicone vulva from the mold to reveal your true-to-life silicone replica.


    A Few Tips To Help You Out

    There are a few things that you can do that will make the process easier. Let me elaborate a little further and offer some tips that will make your Clone-A-Pussy experience go a little smoother.

    First, be sure to thoroughly read over all the instructions before beginning. Second, the water used to mix the molding powder should ideally be around body temperature. I highly recommend using a thermometer to make sure the specified temperature is maintained. Lastly, you'll want to be sure you're not in a carpeted area while working. This will make any spills easy to clean up later.

    All in all, I found the experience helpful in furthering my mission of laying to rest any lingering shame about the appearance of my vulva. This process could be so beneficial to all women. Especially those, like myself, that stuggle with feras that their vulvas don't look "normal". In our society we're constantly bombarded by the media's images of surgically altered labias. So I know I'm not the only one who has suffered with some form of self internalized shame about how my vulva and labia look.

    Some may see the Clone-A-Pussy Kit as purely a novelty item. I would otherwise beg to differ. Products like it are helpful in shattering the negative ideas and misconceptions ew have about our bodies. Helping to silence those little voices of doubt telling us we're not enough. Both Clone-A-Pussy and Clone-A-Willy kits are tools we can use to combat the negative thoughts.


    Clone-a-Willy Visits the Schwules Museum

    Clone-a-Willy Visits the Schwules Museum

    Photo credit: Visit Berlin

    Tucked away on a quiet street in Berlin lives the world’s first gay museum. The Schwules Museum* is a museum exhibiting LGBTQ life.

    The Schwules Museum* originally opened in 1985, but the archive houses periodicals, a collection of photographs, videos, films, sound recordings, autographs, art works, and ephemera going back to 1896. The reference library contains more than 16,000 volumes covering male homosexuality, but with a major emphasis on art. Collections on female homosexuality, trans, intersex lifestyle literature is currently growing.

    It seemed very fitting to explore the museum and learn more about the LGBTQ history following the German parliament’s approval of same-sex marriage. Clone-a-Willy was excited to explore what the museum had to offer.

    The small maze-like configuration had us begin with photos and words from the archive. We scanned over the photos of the first Christopher Street Day, an annual celebration and demonstration around Europe for the rights of LGBTQ people, and against discrimination and exclusion.

    "My wonderful West Berlin" is the second part of Jochen Hick's Berlin trilogy, which began in 2013 with "Out in East Berlin"
    Photo credit: Archives of the Schwules Museum *

    A room was dedicated to the “Change of Scenery 2.1, Winckelmann – The Divine Sex”, an exhibition that opened in June. Full of fascinating text and imagery, “the Divine Sex” commemorates the 300th Birthday of Johann Joachim Winckelmann and highlights cultural history in 18th century Italy, where it was looked at as a long desired destination for homosexual travelers and art collectors.

    Simone de Beauvoir, 1967.
    Photo credit: Government Press Office/GPO

    We ended with a special exhibition with Simone de Beauvoir, only scheduled to show until the end of August this year. Texts from her book, the Second Sex, were printed and wallpapered along two walls. An informational text screamed out about the book from another wall, stating it is:

    “a plea for the freedom of every individual no matter what kind of social status or gender identity.”

    More information on the Schwules Museum:

    Visiting the Green Door

    Visiting the Green Door

    The Green Door is a sex club, tucked away in a strange shopping center off of the Strip in Las Vegas. It’s been quoted as a place tourists go for “instant sex” . The website boasts that it is known worldwide for their swinger parties. I found myself staring at the entrance on a Friday night. I was alone, curious and wanting to finally experience it on my own.

    When I arrived, I realized I had gone too early. The doorman suggested I have a drink for me and for him, so I did. There’s a former western saloon-turned-gay-bar next door. I swung the doors open and strut towards the bar to a Shania Twain pop hit. The bar was filled with characters whose faces I’d never forget.

    The bartender asked to see my identification and I happily showed him.

    “I knew you were young. We’re the same age!”

    I told him that all we had left was our youth, and slid my gin and tonic down the bar to an empty barstool. I sat alone for a few moments before a drag queen took the empty seat next to me. We talked for a few hours before I admitted that I was on a mission that night and needed to go and do that.

    I re-entered the club this time with confidence from my drink. To accurately describe the Green Door would be to describe a maze. Imagine never ending hallways, lined from floor to ceiling with neon and black light accents. Thongs signed by porn stars are framed and hanging in gateways to play rooms. I remember seeing all of the empty beds and feeling more like I was in a furniture store. I sat on a loveseat sandwiched between semi-private rooms, calculating my next step.

    “Can I come sit by you?”

    A man came over, I nodded and made room. We talked about his experiences at the club and my lack of experiences in sex clubs. He told me about the few uncomfortable times he had in the club when the couples he would play with weren’t communicating. Things went sour and they would leave in a rush, with the woman often slapping the man “back in his place”. His storytelling barely floated over the sounds coming from the private rooms around us. A crowd gathered near the curtains. The couple had a chain up, blocking the entrance and representing that it’s okay to watch, but not to join in. I tuned out of our conversation and into the woman moaning. I wondered how much I could dive into all of this. I hadn’t been tempted to even flirt beyond what I was doing now.

    Once I tuned back into our conversation, someone else interrupted.

    “You are being requested in the jacuzzi.”

    We looked at each other for a moment without words. He told me that he’d rather just hang out with me, but I urged him to take care of business. I told him that I’d find him.  think we both knew that wouldn’t happen. I wandered around the other rooms and eventually became bored. I decided it wasn’t my night, but I also decided that I wouldn’t give up on it.

    So I went back.

    This time, it was a weekday night and I knew there would be a different scene. I wanted to see the person I met the first time. I wanted to see what that interaction could turn into. I walked straight away to the steam room. On the way there, I passed him serendipitously. He walked into the steam room a few moments after me, and we were the only ones there. I remember thinking how strange it is that a space can completely define your relationship with someone else. He spoke first. I was intent on listening.

    “Where were we?”