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    Blog — how to make a copy of a penis

    Doctor Climax’s Molding Tips

    Doctor Climax’s Molding Tips

    Some tips and a review from Doctor Climax!

    "The Clone-A-Willy received my full attention the first moment I found out about it. The ability to make a 1:1 replica of my own willy satisfied both my ego and my need to find my wife a good gift for an upcoming relationship milestone."

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    Self-Care for Your Sexual Health

    Self-Care for Your Sexual Health
    Spring is a time for awakening so it should come as no shock that Women’s Health Month AND Masturbation month are both celebrated in May. This month, we want women everywhere to take some time out to practice self-care and self-love in both the bedroom and in wellness. Keep reading for some ways in which you can get in touch with your inner, and outer, self in celebration of these two occasions this May and all the months to follow!

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    Group Sex Tips & Tricks:
    What's Missing From Other Lists

    Group Sex Tips & Tricks:<br>What's Missing From Other Lists
    Whether you find yourself gearing up for a lowkey threesome or the kink event of the century, group sex is all the rage that everyone seems to be trying out. We know to be courteous and clean, but what is going to catch you off guard? Many other lists already cover do’s and don’ts to ensure you have a solid time, but let’s get you ready to expect the unexpected.

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    Erotic Feast: Eating Out In NYC

    Erotic Feast: Eating Out In NYC

    This month, we were honored to sponsor a sexy supper in New York City.

    The beautiful minds at Erotic Feast have a mission of love: guide participants out of the everyday city experience, into a sensual awakening. Their inaugural event was Eating Out, an "edible education in all dimensions of oral sex," with an emphasis on exploring boundaries while respecting safety. The evening was filled with sensory stimuli ranging from CBD balm to sex toys, and warm towels to suggestive finger foods. The educational portion of the night included cunnilingus demonstrations using vulva replicas made with our Clone-A-Pussy kits.

    Check out some shots of the revelry below. Photos by Federica Nánfēng

    Chefs: Carolina Santos-Neves and Lauren Egdahl

    Design and production team: Athena Diaconis, Ayesha Hussain, Britt Pham, Caleb Spaulding, Federica Nánfēng, Lee Noto, Levina Li, and Valerie Nguyen

    Also sponsored by Minna Tea and Shea Brand.

    Follow @eroticfeast for more details, including future event announcements.


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