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    Blog — how to make a copy of a penis

    Sexual Resolutions 🥂

    Sexual Resolutions 🥂
    When we make our New Year resolutions, we most often focus on either our physical or mental health. We want to go on diets, get more exercise, read more, or be more spontaneous, while our sex lives are rarely considered. Can we stop pretending like sexual health isn’t a thing? Maintaining our sexual health should be recognized as an essential part of our lives, especially since it affects nearly every other aspect of our well-being. From mental stress and anxiety to physical confidence and social interaction, sexual health improves it all. 

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    12 Tips for Making a Copy of Your Penis

    12 Tips for Making a Copy of Your Penis

    We realize that making a copy of your dick is something you probably don't do every day. The penis molding process can be a new and sometimes intimidating experience. When's the last time you stuck your erect penis into a tube full of luke-warm molding goo? Never mind. Don't answer that.


    Whether you are a DIY clone kit newbie or a penis cloning pro, we are here for you every step of the way! We've come up with 12 tips to help you make sure your homemade dildo is perfect!

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    Hoescopes ~ November 🔮

    Hoescopes ~ November 🔮

    In this month's run of our new sexy astrology column HoeScopes written by Six, The Sextrologer, we're focusing on self care!

    November is kicking off with intense #CuffingSzn vibes. With the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Venus all in the deep and sultry sign of Scorpio, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time soul searching. Winter is coming, and you’re forced to consider who you actually want to be caught dead with during the pending blizzards (intense, but that’s the theme here).

    Luckily for us, Venus spins right into Sagittarius on November 2nd, which allows for a lot more fun, laughter, and adventure! With Mercury in retrograde until November 20th, I don’t recommend trying to jump into any commitments (but your relationship may not be doomed if you do). Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and consider what you actually want in a boo. Mercury rules over messages and communication, so by now you may began hearing from your exes and your old Netflix-and-Chill buddies (hey, they get cold too).

    Sometimes people circle back for a reason, and other times it’s just for the season. It’s up to you to decipher who's actually legit, because the Universe might just be testing you. As the planets begin to shift into Sagittarius at the end of the month, things will begin to “cool” down (both literally and figuratively speaking). Start planning for Winter break, consider skipping the traditional Friendsgiving and go on a trip! The sky's the limit this Sagittarius season, and who knows- you might just meet someone overseas. 

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    Weed And Sex: A Conversation
    With Ladies Of Paradise 🌳

    Weed And Sex: A Conversation <br>With Ladies Of Paradise 🌳

    Here at Clone-A-Willy HQ, we love to collaborate with other local Portland businesses, especially if they're also female-run. One of our favorite teams to work with are the lovely ladies over at Ladies of Paradise, a cannabis creative agency and brand house.

    Sometimes, however, when we cross-promote on social media, people in the comments express anything from confusion to disappointment that we would blend the worlds of weed and sex. I’m honestly always surprised by it! I’m biased, because these are the two industries I’ve worked in the majority of my adult life, and two topics about which I’m very passionate.

    So I chatted with their COO and Brand Coordinator, Leighana, about that recurring question:

    “Why associate weed and sex?”

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