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    10 Reasons Why the Clone-A-Willy & Clone-A-Pussy Kits Make The Best Bachelor / Bachelorette Present Ever 🎊

    10 Reasons Why the Clone-A-Willy & Clone-A-Pussy Kits Make The Best Bachelor / Bachelorette Present Ever 🎊

    Wedding season has arrived and around every corner is another couple celebrating their upcoming nuptials! Finding the perfect gift for the bride or groom can be daunting -- the options seem endless. Fortunately, you've found yourself on our website, where the most unique (and unexpected) present...

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    Blog — clone a willy penis molding kit

    Diary of a POCF: "Beyond the Dildo"

    Megan is a writer and lifestyle blogger married to a commercial fisherman who presented her with a Clone-A-Willy the summer he fished for three full straight months. They got the mold right the second time, and now Megan encourages other partners...

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    Does Size Matter With the Clone-A-Willy Kit?

    Does penis size matter with the Clone-A-Willy? In a word: No.  We think willies of all shapes and sizes are perfect, and you are a rarity if your D is too big for our penis molding kits. The Clone-A-Willy kit is designed (by a chemist) to replicate...

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    Hoe On The Go

    Summer is coming to a close, and we are all trying to squeeze in a few last adventures. But don't worry, it's never too late to be a hoe on the go! (and our kits make the best travel accessories) Whether you,  1. Just...

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    November Hoescopes 🔮

    We've got your monthly dose of Hoescopes just in time to start planning out your hoeliday dates, hook-ups, and other sexy hangs! Things might be cooling down outside, but they are heating up in the bedroom 🔥

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    A Lesson on Procrasturbating Birthday Gifts

    Cloning my dick was the best science experiment I never knew I needed. My friend didn’t realize he needed it, either, and that was probably the best part of that birthday present. I can’t wait to procrastinate for next year’s birthday present! Now, how can I clone this...

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    End of Summer Self-Love 🌤️

    While we still have until the end of September to see the official end of the summer, it often feels like the last bit of the season is the longest part. Before we all lean into the cooler months, we thought it would be a good time to consider...

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    August Hoescopes 🔮

    Summer is winding down, the leaves are starting to change color, and we are speeding towards cuffing season at high speed! But before we all couple up and go into hibernation mode, the planets have a few more opportunities of connection lined up this month. Take advantage of this time...

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    Sex Sells Finale Featuring Clone-A-Willy On Fuse TV

    The Clone-A-Willy Team is so excited to share our recent interview and feature on the Fuse TV series Sex Sells! Airs Monday July 26th, 11:00PM PST on Fuse TV Enjoy this short clip and watch the full Finale episode (108) Read more

    The Ultimate Guide to Molding Your Penis or Vulva!

    We realize that making a copy of your penis or vulva is something you probably don't do every day! The DIY molding process can be a new and sometimes intimidating experience. When's the last time you stuck your bits into a vessel of lukewarm molding goo? Never...

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    Photo Story:
    A Sexy Spring Picnic by Portrait Mami 🍇

    We were very lucky to snag amazing film photographer and friend of the brand Portrait Mami for a vibrant spring photoshoot while they were visiting our hometown of Portland, Oregon! What a daydream 🌈  Peep the full photo story and plan your own sexy picnic!

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    Wildest Dildo News of the Last Decade

    We’ve had a lot of talk about dildos, dicks, and vibes in the news, which is pretty amazing in and of itself because only thirty years ago, women’s sex toys were still a...

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    Valentine’s Day: The Gender Reveal

    Valentine’s Day is a special milestone unlike any other time during earth’s never-ending struggle laps around the sun. Zoom in on this Google Earth, and take in the splendor of the curious human race. You will find each specimen is totally engrossed in… ahhhh, a traditional makeout seshbreeding! (in this...

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    Spread The Love ~ DIY Molding
    Kits That Bring You Closer 👼

    Our Clone-A-Willy and Clone-A-Pussy DIY molding kits create space for craft, laughter, vulnerability, and intimacy that will bring you closer (with yourself or with that special someone)! Your part is art after all. Pro tip: The penis and vulva replicas made with...

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    12 Tips for Making a Copy of Your Penis

    We realize that making a copy of your dick is something you probably don't do every day. The penis molding process can be a new and sometimes intimidating experience. When's the last time you stuck...

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    Weed And Sex: A Conversation
    With Ladies Of Paradise 🌳

    Here at Clone-A-Willy HQ, we love to collaborate with other local Portland businesses, especially if they're also female-run. One of our favorite teams to work with are the lovely ladies over at Ladies of Paradise, a cannabis creative agency and brand house. Read more

    Give Yourself Some Extra Love ~ You Deserve It 💖

    Gif by Bea Crespo   Today is World Mental Health Day! While we should advocate against the social stigma of mental illness every day, having a day on our calendars makes space to shed a little extra light on global mental health...

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    Clone A Pussy Plus+ Demo Video

    Presenting the second video in our new demo series: the Clone A Pussy Plus+ Kit. The Clone A Pussy Plus+ Kit is a fully functional, custom pocket pussy, and the...

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    Doctor Climax’s Molding Tips

    Some tips and a review from Doctor Climax! "The Clone A Willy received my full attention the first moment I found out about it. The ability to make a 1:1 replica of my own willy satisfied both my ego and my need to find my wife a good gift for an...

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    Everyone Deserves a Todd

    As you might expect, we get our share of strange and humorous emails at Clone-A-Willy. Here's a real email we received and some thoughts on it....

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    The Steps to Cloning-A-Willy

      1. MIX MOLDING GELThe first step of the cloning process is to create a precise negative mold of your willy. To achieve the highest level of detail, each Clone A Willy Kit contains a specially formulated...

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