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    Blog — mold a penis with alginate

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    The Science of Sex: How to clean up a Clone-A-Willy molding gel spill.

    Oh, no! While creating a mold of your penis you've accidentally spilled some of the alginate molding gel on the floor.  How should you clean it up?  It all depends on what kind of floor you’re dealing with...  

    cock kit cleanup


    HARD FLOORS (Vinyls, laminates, hardwoods, linoleum, tile):

    Cleanup is simple.  The alginate will easily peel off of any smooth surface. Before it completely hardens, just pull it up.  On a hard floor it'll come up as a single piece, completely and without trouble.  For softer, more porous wood floors, it’s just as easy to pull away the spill, but you may want to wipe down the area with a damp cloth afterward to ensure it's completely clean.  


    A carpet spill is much trickier.  The alginate molding powder in your Clone-A-Willy Kit is sterile and won’t stain the fibers in your carpet, but it will adhere itself to the fibers. The longer it’s left to dry, the harder it will be to remove.  Try to get the spill cleaned up before it dries completely, but don’t attempt to clean it up while it’s still a liquid - you’ll just scrub it in deeper and make it worse. Let it gel first (minimum 4 minutes), then use a dull knife to pick out the alginate from the area. It may take a bit of time, but it will come out.

    cock kit carpet spill

    If you’re trying to remove the spill after it’s already completely hardened, add a few tablespoons of trisodium phosphate to a cup of hot water and pour it over the area first.  Let it sit for 20-30 minutes to soften things up, then follow the steps above. Again, it can be a bit tricky to get every little piece out, but once it has been removed from the fibers there should be no stain or mark left behind whatsoever.
    Avoid the use of Alkali detergents or alcohol-based cleaning detergents, as they may permanently discolor the area. 

    If you’re still having trouble with clean up, send us an email.  We’re always here to help!

    The Science of Sex: Sodium Alginate and 5 popular foods that contain it.

    by David Claus, Ph.D.

    Q: How is the Clone-A-Willy Kit able to create such perfectly detailed, true to size and shape molds (negatives) of penises?
    A: By using a specially buffered, top quality sodium alginate and water, of course!

    Sodium alginate is probably something you've never heard of, but you've almost certainly been exposed to it, and most likely you've already eaten pounds of it.  But what exactly is it?

    Alginate penis kit

    Sodium alginate is a hydrocolloid; a substance that forms a gel when mixed with water. More specifically, it's a natural polysaccharide that's extracted from the cell walls of brown seaweed... the same stuff you see floating out in the ocean. Its function is to give flexibility to the seaweed, but this property also makes it ideal for use in many other  products.

    Aside from making perfect impressions of teeth and other bodyparts, alginates are commonly used as thickeners and emulsifiers (stabilizers) in sauces, syrups, ice cream toppings, hamburgers, and other foods. There's a good chance one of your favorites is below!


    1. Ice Cream and Popsicles - Sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer in ice cream popsicle penis kitto ensure a creamy texture and prevent ice crystals from forming during freezing. In fruit flavored popsicles, it helps distribute fruit uniformly during the freezing process, and helps stop dripping while eating.
    2. hamburger penis kitHamburgers - Sodium alginate is often added to hamburger meat in order to increase volume, making it more filling and possibly even healthier. Adding a bit of sodium alginate increases soluble fiber content without changing taste, and soluble fiber is something sorely missing from many American diets.
    3. Dairy Products and Yogurt - Yup, alginate is even found in chocolate milk, eggnog, and yogurt. It's added to increase viscosity and make the mixture smoother.  It's also a clarifying agent and stabilizer.
    4. Sauces and Dressings - Water-oil emulsions such as mayonnaise and salad dressings thickened with sodium alginate are less likely to separate into their original oil and water. It also works great on sauces and gravy's to prevent separation while naturally extending their shelf life.
    5. Pudding and Pie Fillings - Puddings, pie fillings and mousses also utilize the gelpie penis kit-forming and non-melting properties of sodium alginate.

    Sodium alginate is a completely safe, easy to use gelling agent that requires no heat or harsh chemicals to bring out its beneficial properties, making it ideal for all kinds of uses.  But using it to make a clone of your willy is arguably the most fun!