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    Blog — self love

    Building Confidence As A Fat Lover

    Building Confidence As A Fat Lover
    Sex with plus sized partners is a topic that comes up frequently in my life from both women and men alike. For context, I'm a 6ft tall 275 lb. 28-year-old Scorpio woman who identifies as plus-sized. It's taken YEARS to get to the point where I can be fully naked in front of someone and feel like the baddest bitch in the room. I want to share some of my personal experiences and what helped build my confidence up.

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    April Hoescopes 🔮

    April Hoescopes 🔮
    April Hoescopes are here to guide you through your spring quarantine! Six The Sexstrologer has some special social distancing mantras to keep us fresh and vibrant. We are all stuck inside and presented with many silver linings during the pandemic. Use this time to really check-in with yourself, get to know yourself again, and work on some goals you've been putting off! Take a deep breath, stretch your body, show yourself some extra love, maybe even touch yourself a little more often (yeah, you know what we mean). We're all alone in this together, let's make the best of it!

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    Valentine’s Day: The Gender Reveal

    Valentine’s Day: The Gender Reveal
    Valentine’s Day is a special milestone unlike any other time during earth’s never-ending struggle laps around the sun. Zoom in on this Google Earth, and take in the splendor of the curious human race. You will find each specimen is totally engrossed in

    … ahhhh, a traditional makeout sesh
    breeding! (in this economy?)
    feeding on nutrient-deficient food while weeping…
    or masturbating at a questionable frequency.

    This day is, in fact, literally like any other day, to be honest. But the humans choose to celebrate, mourn, and make life, well, more difficult.

    **Morgan Freeman’s voice**

    Perhaps you have been staring into the void lately.
    Perhaps you have run out of interesting things to shove up your bodily voids.

    But have you considered GENDER ROLE-PLAY for this Valentine’s Day?

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    Shop IRL at the NYC Sex Expo!

    Shop IRL at the NYC Sex Expo!

    We are excited to be attending the NYC Sex Expo this month! Come visit our booth and shop all our products IRL September 21st and 22nd at the Brooklyn EXPO Center. We are excited to have some amazing deals for all the Sex Expo attendees -- including 40% - 50% off all of our products, giveaways & freebies, and our new limited run Enamel Pins that will only be available at the show! We will also be selling our line of merch as well as some goodies from Happy Sex Face.


    Mark your calendars and get ready to stock for the holidays / self-care / even Valentine's 2020!

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