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    Blog — sexstrology

    May Hoescopes 🔮

    May Hoescopes 🔮
    April might have left many of us feeling powerless, but our girl Six the Sextrologist has a fresh round of Hoescopes to help us all reclaim our power and manifest the sexiest May yet!

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    April Hoescopes 🔮

    April Hoescopes 🔮
    April Hoescopes are here to guide you through your spring quarantine! Six The Sexstrologer has some special social distancing mantras to keep us fresh and vibrant. We are all stuck inside and presented with many silver linings during the pandemic. Use this time to really check-in with yourself, get to know yourself again, and work on some goals you've been putting off! Take a deep breath, stretch your body, show yourself some extra love, maybe even touch yourself a little more often (yeah, you know what we mean). We're all alone in this together, let's make the best of it!

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    March Hoescopes 🔮

    March Hoescopes 🔮
    Spring is around the corner and we're all wading our way through Mercury in Retrograde (only a couple more days)! Our resident Sexologist, Six, has some fresh self-affirmations to help us be our best damn selves this month!

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    Hoescopes ~ January 2020 🔮

    Hoescopes ~ January 2020 🔮

    A new decade is here and we are setting intentions for 2020 to be the best year yet! Our resident Sextrologist Six has revamped her horoscopes from the first person to double as positive affirmations! (trying reading them out loud to fully internalize) ✨


    I am much more than just my legacy; I am a collection of memories and a vessel for growth. I am shuffling through lessons learned and ideas imprinted from higher structures and authority figures. I am treating myself kindly as I consider the path I must walk down to become who I aspire to be. During this process, I am recognizing the value of being a homemaker. What’s a king who has no castle, or rest without a bed. If my spirit calls for me to sleep alone tonight, I have no problem finding pleasure with my sexual apparatuses. January, I am working on vocalizing my hidden desires, both under and out of my bedroom sheets.

    In the past, I have struggled with authentic and holistic outward expression, for fear that I might be received as too “soft” or potentially weak. I am nurturing the fragile parts of my voice that waver at the prospect of being shut down. Although the vulnerability to be fully and authentically myself may be met with confliction over the person I was raised to be, I am enjoying the person I’ve decided to become. I am healing the parts of myself that may erupt when met with emotional confrontation. I am honoring the angry parts of myself because I am allowed to be hurt (even after the moments have passed).

    I have found the words to describe what disappointment feels like, and I don’t hesitate to speak on the emotions of the past, present, and future. I am learning to recognize the gifts I have been given while letting go of the offerings that no longer serve me.  I grow and learn in ways that may be unorthodox, and that’s what leads me to my wildest realizations. I am holding space and welcoming in more people and practices that encourage my growth and leaving behind the judgment from my inner voice and others.

    I walked into this year with an acceptance that’s been growing and solidifying since the year before. I have seen first hand the power in diving right into my goals because I am incredibly talented at manifesting my desires. With any goals or manifestation, there requires a certain level of patience. While I have reached minor goals on the path to success - I am beginning to learn how to release the reins and enjoy the view. Self-care has been a major focal point for my 2019, and I am entering a place where I am placing more care for how what I may ignore surfaces in my daily life. I am holding space for my rage, frustrations, and anger, taking note of the “why” when I become upset.

    This year I aim to love loudly, proudly, and unapologetically.  I am open-minded in my romantic pursuits. I am taking pride in how the people closest to me are beautifully unique. I do not aspire to be the victim of normality; instead, I welcome the weird pieces of my personality to pop. It’s the people closest to me who are helping me learn and unlearn the lessons and doctrine derived from impulse. Life is much deeper than I am always able to realize, and I am enjoying the shaking up and releasing that’s encouraging me to be who I want to be.

    I am finding the fun in my everyday life; even if it’s atypical, I don’t feel the need to have to explain it. I am laying down building blocks and developing new structures according to my orders. I am reinventing what creativity and pleasure can look like for me, humbling myself while I speak more about my needs and desires. I have so much to say and my entire life to leverage the right language for those closest to me to understand. There’s no rush to be vulnerable; however, I am at least taking the first steps. With time and patience, I am swimming through past patterns and unlocking previous limitations that kept me from developing relationship depth.

    I have been learning that not everyone in my life deserves the peace that intimacy with me provides them. Speaking that affirmation out loud was challenging, and I must internalize every word (say it out loud again). I am coming into my light while also unpacking the hurt that’s come with relationships before. Not all of the people I previously thought were my friends are my friends. However, those individuals whose light brightens my own I am keeping around. There’s a lot of learning and unlearning in my future. In preparation for that, I am releasing the way I’ve expressed intimacy in the past.

    Hello world, I’m talking to myself, and I’m doing it out loud. I am learning that it’s ok if my practices are a little unorthodox. I am releasing shame for the way I learn and grow, and I will speak up when something isn’t working for me. There is no right way for one to express themselves; that’s why I am inventing and reinventing new ways to learn and be every day. These eclipses were woozy, but I think it’s all shaking up for the better.

    I am gaining a bit more clarity about how and where to direct my passion, so watch out world - It’s Sagittarius SZN every season. I have a lot going on, and while I may have to unpack some baggage to enjoy it, 2020 is going to be the best year yet. I am done letting people censor my words and intend to continue speaking from the heart. With careful consideration and vulnerability, I am bringing my values into the light, where they absolutely deserve to be. This month I am taking note of my underdeveloped ideas, so I can give flesh to the long term dreams that are worth pursuing.

    I am unpacking, undoing, redoing, and rebirthing right before your very eyes. Don’t be surprised if I dream a little louder this month, because I have the world to say. I am unpacking the parts of my childhood where I felt alone, the parts where I might have felt the need to grow up fast. The world can be hard, and being ruled by Saturn is exhausting. I have been letting more and more people in this year, I’ve needed to be selective, but I am doing it. While I am unsure of exactly the person I am becoming, or the next destination, this path will lead me to - I am relishing in all my growth in 2020. Because wow, I put in the work.

    Say it loud, Say it Proud- I’m in love with myself. If I wasn’t able to internalize that message the first time, here I go again- “Say it Loud, Say it Proud- I am, in love, with, myself.” There’s a lot of doing and undoing of the world; I am starting to see the difference between the world I’ve imagined and the experiences I am having. I am more passionate now than ever to get out there, to see and explore, and speak my truth. I am learning how to pause before I verbalize, to ensure that the words are coming out are heard intentionally. I am taking a stand for myself and if no one is validating that, then consider me a loss to them. Because I am living it loud, and I am living it Proud - I’m in love with myself.

    I am weird, and I love it. Although not everyone appreciates my unique ideas and unorthodox ways of thinking, I am finding joy in having fun all by myself. My community has been releasing and changing to ebb and flow with the person I am growing into; not everyone deserves to stay in my orbit. I am developing a stronger foundation that I will sustain. I am granting myself permission to nurture myself, creating boundaries between myself and the people who can not hold my emotions. I am feeling a drive of passion, watch out world, I’m about to soar.

    Hoescopes ~ November 🔮

    Hoescopes ~ November 🔮

    In this month's run of our new sexy astrology column HoeScopes written by Six, The Sextrologer, we're focusing on self care!

    November is kicking off with intense #CuffingSzn vibes. With the Sun, Mercury retrograde and Venus all in the deep and sultry sign of Scorpio, you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time soul searching. Winter is coming, and you’re forced to consider who you actually want to be caught dead with during the pending blizzards (intense, but that’s the theme here).

    Luckily for us, Venus spins right into Sagittarius on November 2nd, which allows for a lot more fun, laughter, and adventure! With Mercury in retrograde until November 20th, I don’t recommend trying to jump into any commitments (but your relationship may not be doomed if you do). Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to kick back, relax, and consider what you actually want in a boo. Mercury rules over messages and communication, so by now you may began hearing from your exes and your old Netflix-and-Chill buddies (hey, they get cold too).

    Sometimes people circle back for a reason, and other times it’s just for the season. It’s up to you to decipher who's actually legit, because the Universe might just be testing you. As the planets begin to shift into Sagittarius at the end of the month, things will begin to “cool” down (both literally and figuratively speaking). Start planning for Winter break, consider skipping the traditional Friendsgiving and go on a trip! The sky's the limit this Sagittarius season, and who knows- you might just meet someone overseas. 

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