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    Clone-A-Willy In Neighbors Starring Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne


    The original Clone-A-Willy kit has a part in the new Universal Pictures film, NEIGHBORS.  Zac Efron and his frat-buddies use Clone A Willy to make and sell copies of their penises!  

    The Science of Sex: Is 3D Penis Printing a reality?

    by David Claus, Ph.D.

    Though quite cool and no doubt the wave of the future, most of what you've heard about 3D printing has been a bit over-hyped (click HERE for an interesting narrative by a man who does it for a living).  3D printing, particularly the 3D printing of a man's penis, isn't quite as easy or straightforward as the media might have you think.  In reality, it requires an impressive camera - one that can scan in three dimensions and is capable of creating a virtual model of any object, or sophisticated CAD/CAM software with a compatible camera and the know-how to use it.  You'll also need a very EXPENSIVE 3D printer. The current, affordable consumer grade printers simply won’t cut it, as the build volume (or printable output size) is typically too small to print anything other than a very small object (perhaps a micro-penis).

    Unless you have all of the above, you'll need to utilize a service that has the appropriate equipment and can take care of everything for you (contact  Note that doing it this way will require traveling to a location away from home and allowing a technician take images of your erection, which is a bit inconvenient and could be a little uncomfortable. Sitting in a room and keeping an erection while a stranger takes a video or series of pictures of you isn't for everyone.  The benefit to this method, though, is that you won't have to do anything else.  Everything is taken care of from that point on. The cost is approximately $250.00, and like the Clone-A-Willy Kit, it'll take just a day to see your result.  Your result will be a plastic copy of your manhood, basically true to size and shape, though not as detailed as you might like.  If you're looking for a usable dildo, the object created from the 3D printer isn't going to be strong enough or even body-safe. For that, your 3D printed penis will need to be sent away to have a mold created from it.  That mold will then be filled with silicone (or some other body-safe material), left to cure, and sent back to you.  At that point, your finished, USABLE copy will be complete. The result is pretty good, but not as intricate as what you’d get from a direct mold and cast process. A 3D copy will contain layer lines (in 3D printing, each thin layer is printed one at a time, creating 'lines' in your finished piece), which will prevent much of the detail from coming through. Using a camera to catch every small line and vein is just not as precise as forming a mold directly from the actual body part, either.  And the details are really what make copying your own (or your favorite) penis so cool.  A copy that's the same size and shape as you, but doesn't have all the little quirks that make you unique, is just not as interesting or fun.

    We'll continue working hard to improve and perfect the 3D penis printing process, but for now our recommendation is still to go with the original Clone-A-Willy Kit. It's quick, anonymous (do everything yourself from home), and the end result is far more precise. 

    The Science of Sex: Not all silicones are the same - Tin vs Platinum-cure.

    by David Claus, Ph.D.
    Silicone is justifiably considered the gold-standard of sex toy materials, but few people actually know that there are important differences in the types of silicones.  CLONE-A-WILLY uses only a platinum catalyzed silicone.  Below is a quick breakdown of tin-catalyzed vs platinum-catalyzed silicones.

    Why a PLATINUM-CATALYZED (platinum-cure) SILICONE is a far superior sex toy material than a TIN-CATALYZED (tin-cure) SILICONE



    • Tin cure silicones are inexpensive and typically used as molds (negatives), not as casts (positives), due to the fact that tin silicones have what's called a short 'library life.'  This essentially means they become brittle over time, and will eventually deform and lose their elasticity.  They are usually used as temporary 'molds' or sealants, not as finished, permanent pieces. 

    • A high quality platinum-cure silicone is much more expensive, is typically designed specifically to be used as a finished (cast) piece, and will not break down, deform, or lose its elasticity over time.


    • While curing, tin silicones create byproducts in the form of alcohols and/or acids.  They release a strong, bitter smell due to these byproducts outgassing from the resin.  A tin silicone will continue to react with O2 in the atmosphere over time, and tends to eventually deform and break down.  

    • A platinum cure silicone releases no toxic byproducts whatsoever before, during, or after cure, and the bonds formed are completely stable and non-reactive.  This means your finished Platinum silicone toy will last, and stay exactly the same as the day you pulled it from the mold. 


    • Tin silicones cure very easily; almost nothing will inhibit them from solidifying.  This means that tin silicones are subject to multiple contaminants.  They will cure up no matter what's in them.  This leaves a tin silicone open to all sorts of potentially toxic contaminants; compounds that can be missed by the manufacturer.  Without doing your own lab test, you really can't be sure whats in a tin silicone. 

    • When it comes to sex toys, you want to be sure it's safe to use internally.  A platinum cure silicone will not set up if it contains impurities.  It's like doing your own lab safety check.  A platinum silicone must contain no contaminants, or it won't set up.


    • Tin silicones release toxic and potentially toxic alcohols and/or acids when mixed.  There's a strong, bitter odor or outgassing that accompanies a tin silicone.  

    • Platinum cure silicones release no toxic compounds when mixed, have zero smell or outgassing, and are completely non toxic.


    • Tin cure silicones take at least a week to reach full cure. They are known as 'condensation-cure' silicones, which require contact with water (pulled from atmospheric air or from your water-based mold) for 7+ days, until the resin has fully and completely set up.  If you're making a cast of your penis, you'll need to leave a tin silicone inside the water-saturated mold for a week or more, otherwise your dildo WILL shrink.  

    • A Platinum cure silicone sets up fully and completely within hours and will never shrink.  


    • Platinum cure silicones allow for a low 'cross link density' without compromising stability.  What this means is that it allows for a soft, flexible copy that still remains completely stable, even over time.  

    • A tin cure silicone will continue to react to moisture, sunlight, and other environmental exposures. It WILL lose it's properties over time.  


    • Tin cure silicones can accept almost any pigment you can find.  Again, without doing your own lab tests you have no idea what's potentially in the pigments within a tin cure silicone resin.  

    • Platinum cure silicones require pure pigments free of additives or potentially toxic metals like lead, aluminum, cadmium or mercury.  


      • Tin cure silicones contain organic-tin bonds (molecules containing tin and carbon), which are considered by many to be the most dangerous form of tin exposure for humans. Organic-tin bonds are used in paints and plastics, and are extremely common in pesticides. Nowadays we know the consequences of tin poisoning, including immune system malfunction and chromosomal and brain damage, so we try to avoid tin wherever possible.  Still, it's not uncommon to find it in everyday things.

      • Exposure to quality platinum silicones causes no ill health effects. 



      • Try to avoid tin catalyzed or hybrid silicone sex toys.  What's a simple way to tell the difference?  Smell it.  There should never be any smell in a sex toy. 


      Copy your penis like the dudes in the Neighbors movie

      When faced with a flooded basement and possible condemnation of their Delta Psi house, the frat boys of Neighbors use Clone-A-Willy kits to make copies of their dicks and sell them as dildos on campus.

      You may not be dealing with impending loss of house and party palace, but you can still make a dildo from your own penis just like Zac Efron and Seth Rogen. In the Neighbors movie, the guys create manhood molds and silicone dildos using the Clone-A-Willy kit. This kit contains everything you need to make an exact silicone copy of your penis from the privacy and comfort of your own home or frat. Clone-A-Willy comes in many colors of body-safe silicone, including Glow in the Dark, so you can customize your own dildo to fit your skin tone or your attitude.

      Check out info on the Neighbors movie here, and catch it and us in theaters starting May 9th.


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