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    Blog — dick kit neighbors

    Wildest Dildo News of the Last Decade

    Wildest Dildo News of the Last Decade

    We’ve had a lot of talk about dildos, dicks, and vibes in the news, which is pretty amazing in and of itself because only thirty years ago, women’s sex toys were still a hugely taboo topic. Heck, a few years ago, sex education was a myth. Now we’ve got celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna freely admitting to using dildos and vibrators. According to a Lovehoney survey, lots of people from all over the world (most notably from Europe, the U.S, and Canada) are now investing in sex toys.


    With all these new customers, we’re bound to have a few “incidents.” Dildo-related incidents, to be exact. Lots of things happened in 2010s, but today, I am gonna share the best dildo stories. Strap in, folks, it’s gonna be a wild (and slightly curved) ride.

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    Cannabis, STI Awareness, and Sex Ed:
    A Conversation With Lady Business 🧠

    Cannabis, STI Awareness, and Sex Ed: <br>A Conversation With Lady Business 🧠

    Here in Portland, we are #blessed to be surrounded by a plethora of badass babes! Creative babes, tech babes, business babes, foodie babes, educational babes, you name it, we have them.

    We have had the pleasure (pun intended) of working with the local social movement Lady Business in the past and were so excited when the founder Lauren, agreed to chat with us about some hot topics!

    Lady Business is dedicated to creating an all-inclusive positive community devoted to breaking stigmas by focusing on discussions about sex, sexuality, infections and diseases, testing, treatments, condoms, safety, empowerment, and cannabis. Now that's what we need more of in the world! Tune into our chat below 💖

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    Give Yourself Some Extra Love ~ You Deserve It 💖

    Give Yourself Some Extra Love ~ You Deserve It 💖

    Gif by Bea Crespo


    Today is World Mental Health Day! While we should advocate against the social stigma of mental illness every day, having a day on our calendars makes space to shed a little extra light on global mental health education and awareness.

    The connection of DIY genital molding kits and mental health might not jump out at you immediately—but it's there. One of the many reasons we stand so proudly behind our products is that they make a difference. Because self-expression, sexual expression, pleasure, self-love, and acceptance all make a huge difference in life—especially when it comes to mental health. And guess what? We all struggle with self-love at times and many of us live with mental illness every day—and we are still fabulous as fuck.

    We must first love and accept ourselves, before all else. In the words of the extravagant Ru Paul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”


    Putting ourselves first is hard, so we're here to remind you that you deserve it, and offer a few suggestions on how to give yourself a little extra love ~



    Saying "NO" is tough, but something that is vital in creating boundaries for our mental health and to make space for some quality "me time." If people react negatively to you setting boundaries, it's most likely because they benefited from you lacking them in the past (and that sounds like a personal problem). Listen to your gut and lead by example; saying no is something we should all do more often.



    We've all been there—those days, weeks, or months where we need a little extra patience and understanding from those around us. As demanding as the world may seem, people will understand. We are all connected by empathy. Be transparent about what you need and those around you will not only appreciate your honesty, but will most likely be able to relate.



    Being kind to yourself comes in a lot of different forms. When shit's hitting the fan, or you didn't make the deadline, or totally spaced you were supposed to feed your sister's cat. Babe, the cat will be fine. Give yourself a break. We can't do it all. Give yourself—and others—permission to mess up, we're all doing our best when it comes down to it.



    Living in the fast-paced world that we do, it's easy to get disconnected from our physical bodies. The first step in a healthy mind and body is making sure your basic needs are met—sleep, water, nutrition, movement, and laughter (we threw this one in because it's important to us). Set aside a couple of minutes every day to breathe and listen to your body. Any aches or pains? No one knows you, like YOU. Let your intuition guide the way!



    Self-care means something different to everyone. Often, it's interpreted as a luxury, but self-care can be a totally free and easy addition to your everyday routine. Start by setting aside a date night with yourself once a week. This could be a mediation, bath, walk around your neighborhood, disconnecting from reality with your favorite trash tv, or even a dance party in your underwear. You do you, boo.


    Mental Health Resources ~

    National Alliance of Mental Health

    Better Help

    National Institute of Mental Health

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


    "81 Mental Health Resources When You Can't Afford a Therapist"

     Zine | EraseRestart

    LGBTQ+ Youth Resources


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