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    7 Signs You Might be in a ‘Situationship’ 💔

    7 Signs You Might be in a ‘Situationship’ 💔

    Oh, you haven’t heard? The newest classification of relationship culture has arrived and it was even listed as one of the top four words of 2023 by the Read more

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    Sex + Communication: a short and important check-in

    While asking for what you want in any intimate context might seem like it could be simple at first thought, it's interpersonally complex. You're in the moment, distracted by so many things and the dance of it all. On top of that, it could feel awkward, selfish, maliciousRead more

    March Hoescopes 🔮

    Spring is around the corner, the flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and we're all ready for a little more human interaction! Curious what the planets have in store for you? Read on for some insight into harnessing this month's power, especially when it comes to pleasure, self-love, and self-care!

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    Building Confidence As A Fat Lover

    Sex with plus sized partners is a topic that comes up frequently in my life from both women and men alike. For context, I'm a 6ft tall 275 lb. 28-year-old Scorpio woman who identifies as plus-sized. It's taken YEARS to get to the point where I can be fully...

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    May Hoescopes 🔮

    April might have left many of us feeling powerless, but our girl Six the Sextrologist has a fresh round of Hoescopes to help us all reclaim our power and manifest the sexiest May yet!

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    Clone-A-Willy's Guide To
    Safe Sex During COVID-19 😷🍆

    While you're stuck at home during this world-wide quarantine, we can't think of a better time to explore yourself and each other sexually. Well, of course, we can imagine better circumstances, but here we are, so let's make the best of it (while doing it safely)!  So you're stuck...

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    Interview with Dustin Hollywood,
    founder of NAKID Magazine

    Interview with Dustin Hollywood, founder of NAKID Magazine NAKID magazine is an international brand publication that focuses on sex, culture, music and art. We chatted with the founder, Dustin Hollywood on the the history, his intentions with the platform and what’s been going on up until now....

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