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    Blog — sex ed

    Cannabis, STI Awareness, and Sex Ed:
    A Conversation With Lady Business 🧠

    Cannabis, STI Awareness, and Sex Ed: <br>A Conversation With Lady Business 🧠

    Here in Portland, we are #blessed to be surrounded by a plethora of badass babes! Creative babes, tech babes, business babes, foodie babes, educational babes, you name it, we have them.

    We have had the pleasure (pun intended) of working with the local social movement Lady Business in the past and were so excited when the founder Lauren, agreed to chat with us about some hot topics!

    Lady Business is dedicated to creating an all-inclusive positive community devoted to breaking stigmas by focusing on discussions about sex, sexuality, infections and diseases, testing, treatments, condoms, safety, empowerment, and cannabis. Now that's what we need more of in the world! Tune into our chat below 💖

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    It's Time To Talk About Low Libido

    It's Time To Talk About Low Libido
    Ultimately the goal is pleasure, joy and release. You’re not forcing yourself to have sex, it’s not something that feels heavy on you but more of an extension of an expression of love in the for, of pleasure. A sacred space that you get to share with another person, multiple people  or yourself. Have sex in a healthy environment where there’s a good amount of communication before and then after. This DOES NOT need to be therapy talk...remember we can speak in a simple way that expresses our feelings of those moments. How great did that feel? What do you want more of? What was sexy? This leaves an open space to explore. 

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    Clone A Pussy Plus+ Demo Video

    Clone A Pussy Plus+ Demo Video

    Presenting the second video in our new demo series: the Clone A Pussy Plus+ Kit.

    The Clone A Pussy Plus+ Kit is a fully functional, custom pocket pussy, and the newest addition to the Clone-A-Willy family. After many years of careful research and development from our team, you can finally clone it and bone it!

    Watch a curated overview of making the kit below:

    The Clone A Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit has been a smashing success so far in the introductory Hot Pink shade, and we know you want more. We're working on bringing all the skin tones to you ASAP, followed by a range of novelty colors soon after.

    Thanks again to Serpent Power Productions and the rest of the cast and crew for all the help with this video!

    Actor ~ Lisa Chiem

    Music ~ Pond5

    And remember-- for detailed, step-by-step instructions, please refer to the directions included with every Clone A Pussy Plus+ Sleeve Kit!


       These verbal indiscretions are not limited to men — I’m sure they simply can’t be. I am, though, a heterosexual transgender woman who is attracted to men. At one time, I myself played the part of a homosexual man — A contrived, tedious, and lackluster performance. For awhile, I was actively sexual with many men of different ages and backgrounds, some heterosexual, some not. For the past few years, though, I’ve only engaged in the act with one man. Thus, I am no stranger to the predictable colloquialisms of the bedroom — those of strangers and those of the ever familiar — and I am confident to submit that, in some freudian way, we live in a world largely scripted by erotic media. Rather, we fuck in a world largely scripted by erotic media.

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    Let's Talk About Sex and Drugs

    Let's Talk About Sex and Drugs
    “Let’s talk about Sex and Drugs” is a bilingual (German and English) open mic in an open salon format from the community, for the community held regularly in London, Berlin, Zürich and recently Vienna. The topics involve stigma, prejudice, feelings of shame, and intimacy. Conversations specifically dive into sexual health practices, sex with substance use and sexualized use of substances (also known as ChemSex), HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases, pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV-negative people, and emergency treatment after HIV risk.

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