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    Celebrate Women's Month With Us!

    Celebrate Women's Month With Us!

    We celebrated Women's Month with Ladies of Paradise last night for an evening of self-care through tarot, nail art, do-yourself cookie decoration, CBD massages, an awesome give-away, and an amazing amount pf love and laughter!

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    Blog — about us

    The Sex-Having Person's Survival
    Guide to Dating an Asexual

    When my ace partner becomes sexually aroused, I feel like the most special kiddo who gets to blow on some lit birthday candles-- except nowadays itโ€™s a penis. This is the pilot of a sitcom and I stare into the camera, mid-handjob, frozen...

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    That's A Wrap :
    Our Favorite Customer Moments From 2018

    Every year we get tons of suggestions, praise, constructive criticism, and our favorite - personal stories of love, sex, craft, and how our kits have impacted relationships of all types! So we decided to share some of our favorites with you!

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    Mold one, mold all

    Our kits allow people to mold so much more than vulvas and penis'. Although we created a product that makes replicating those things super simple and fun, our molding kits can be used to copy a large variety of things in several shades of silicone colors!

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    Worship the Temple: A History of Body Molding

    From Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Greek Heroes to Beethoven and groupies, the history of body molding is full of idolization. ย  Death Masks Rooted in the idealization of the dead, ancient Egyptians believed in the preservation of the body through mummification. In order for the departed...

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    Inside the Empire: Meet Our Graphic Designer!

    What is your name? My grandmother likes to Google too much for you to know. What city were you born in? Santa Monica, California How long have you lived in Portland? 1 year How long have you worked at Empire...

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    Our Co-Founder, the Aquaman of Cats

    1) What is your job with Empire Labs and how long have you worked here? I am VP of Sales & Marketing. I co-founded Empire Labs back in 2001. 2) What is the most unusual experience you've...

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