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    Cannabis, STI Awareness, and Sex Ed: <br>A Conversation With Lady Business 🧠

    Cannabis, STI Awareness, and Sex Ed:
    A Conversation With Lady Business 🧠

    Here in Portland, we are #blessed to be surrounded by a plethora of badass babes! Creative babes, tech babes, business babes, foodie babes, educational babes, you name it, we have them. We have had the pleasure (pun intended) of working with the local social movement Lady...

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    Blog — History of Sex

    Celebrate Women's Month With Us!

    We celebrated Women's Month with Ladies of Paradise last night for an evening of self-care through tarot, nail art, do-yourself cookie decoration, CBD massages, an awesome give-away, and an amazing amount pf love and laughter!

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    The Eroticism of Data

    Last month, Berlin’s Museum der Dinge hosted a lecture given by Judith A. Allen of the Kinsey Institute called “The Eroticism of Data: Alfred C. Kinsey, Sampling, & cultural representations” to support their exhibition “the Eroticism of Things”....

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    What's in a Name? The Etymology of Penis Slang Throughout History

    Penis—the beloved member of the male genetalia. I would bet that penis has more nicknames than any other object in the world. For ages, we've applied just about every conceivable euphemism to the word: animals, weapons, human names, metaphorical words, pet names, shapes, functions—the list goes on. Adopted from...

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    Worship the Temple: A History of Body Molding

    From Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Greek Heroes to Beethoven and groupies, the history of body molding is full of idolization.   Death Masks Rooted in the idealization of the dead, ancient Egyptians believed in the preservation of the body through mummification. In order for the departed...

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    The History of Sex: Vibrators

    A beautifier and an anti-anxiety remedy, a hysteria treatment and a weight loss tool—the vibrator was quite the trade dabbler until it became the master of pleasure. The vibrator has quite the ironic past, so exactly how was the pulsing, purring sex toy...

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