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    Blog — getting the most detail from your penis molding

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    The Science of Sex: Tips on Getting the Most Detail out of Your Penis Casting.

    Using a Clone-A-Willy Kit to create an exact silicone copy of your penis is pretty straightforward, but below are a couple of things NOT mentioned in the directions that will ensure you'll get the absolute best, most detailed replica possible:

    1. After creating your mold, wait a while before filling it with silicone.

    Too much water in your mold can affect the level of detail in your finished replica. Though you'll still get an amazing, detailed, true-to-life copy if you pour the silicone in right away, if you wait just a few extra hours it can help draw out even MORE detail. Excess water can sometimes interfere with the silicone's ability to capture all those tiny, minute details. To be absolutely sure you'll capture every tiny bump and vein, poke a small drain hole in the bottom of your plastic tube and wait 4-6 hours before pouring in the silicone. This will allow any excess water to evaporate and/or drain from your mold, allowing the silicone to more easily settle into those tiny crevices and bring out all those little details. NOTE: Don't wait too long, though... after about 24 hours your mold can start to dry out too much and just might begin to deform and/or shrink.

    2. Pour the silicone slowly in a thin stream, not all at once.

    Air bubbles can also interfere with detail. When ready to pour the silicone, scrape out both containers into a clean container, mix thoroughly, and let it settle for 5-10 minutes.  This will allow some of the air bubbles you've created while vigorously mixing to escape. Then, when pouring the silicone into your mold, start high above it (approx 8-10 inches above your mold) and use a thin, continuous stream. Filling your mold slowly with a fine stream will help eliminate even more air bubbles from your finished cast. Fewer air bubbles means better detail.