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    Blog — sex workers

    F*ck You, Pay Me

    F*ck You, Pay Me
    When we think of sex work in general, many people seem to hold onto the stigma that to engage in it you have some seedy, dark side to you. That you are in the work against your will or that you are damaged and stuck in the work. While there can be truth to these negative things, there is also a revolution happening in the way we perceive and engage with sex work. In reality, because sex is such a multifaceted form of human expression, these stigmas are naïve. If we can begin to explore sides of ourselves that seek forms of validation through sexual expression, why not pay those doing the work to give you pleasure? 

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    FOSTA and Sex Work Legislation Models:
    A Primer

    FOSTA and Sex Work Legislation Models:<br> A Primer
    What is FOSTA, and why are sex workers speaking out against it? We were wondering the same thing, so we did some research on the much-contested bill. While we were at it, we also looked into models of sex work legislation found in other countries, to find out which (if any) approaches have actually worked.

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