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    Clone-A-Willy (As Seen on TV)

    Clone-A-Willy (As Seen on TV)

    See just HOW durable our kits really are!

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    Blog — meet your maker

    Celebrate Women's Month With Us!

    We celebrated Women's Month with Ladies of Paradise last night for an evening of self-care through tarot, nail art, do-yourself cookie decoration, CBD massages, an awesome give-away, and an amazing amount pf love and laughter!

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    A Guide to Portland’s Naughtiest Spots

    With the exponential rise in Portland’s popularity, hundreds of guides have been written to cover the trendiest and tastiest places in the city. Known for our array of strange businesses and quirky citizens, there is plenty to see and fun to be had, so...

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    Inside the Empire: Meet Jerome!

    Ladies and Gentlemen, today we will be heading back down to the factory place where the magic happens to meet our very own J.D. Salinger! He's a bit private, but he's been kind enough to do the thing he hates the most: SURVEYS! Read more

    Inside the Empire: Hump Day Playlist!

    You've cloned your willy or you've received your clone....what next? Take it for a test-drive! We've put a mix together for you to G E T  I T  O N ! From cloneawilly on 8tracks...

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    Inside the Empire: Meet Roman!

    At Clone-A-Willy, we are lucky enough to have our warehouse/factory in the same beautiful building as our office. This week we're heading down to the factory to meet Roman!  What is your name?  Not Roman  What...

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    Inside the Empire: Hump Day Playlist

    Do you need help getting through your hump day woes? We put a little mix together of what we've been listening to at the office. So kick back and enjoy the music—it will be the weekend before you know it. Inside the office...

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