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    Dear Clone-A-Willy: The Overly Friendly Ass-Stuffer


    As you might expect, we get our share of strange and humorous emails at Clone-A-Willy. Here's a real email we received and some thoughts on it.


    I'm looking to purchase bulk amounts so I can give one to each of my friends. Are there any discounts? I really want all my friends to feel my dick inside their ass, but I just can't afford it. Thanks in advance!




    Aren't friends the greatest? Think about it. In the short span of about 80 years we get to make real, valuable connections with other people and we almost always find them more interesting than we find ourselves. You are very special to a group of people you find special and you're all just trying to have fun and make sense of the wonder and confusion around us. It's so beautiful you could almost cry. 
    Then, one seemingly average holiday party at your friend Brenda's house, Russ shows up with several identically-shaped, gift-wrapped boxes and a grin you had to drink 6 shots of Jaegermeister to dull the memory of.
    So, yes. Should it be your wont, it is possible to "mass-produce" copies of your penis for friends with the Clone-A-Willy kit. Here are a few tips:
    1. HAVE A FRIEND HELP WITH THE MOLD! Since we're talking about friendship, it's worth mentioning that the molding process can be tricky and having a pal mix the molding powder and water while you focus on your erection makes it much easier. You might want it to be a surprise for everyone, but at least let one, special buddy in on the joke. This will also have the added effect of helping you see who your true friends really are. If your buddy Charlie thinks he's too good to help mix water with the Clone-A-Willy molding powder for 60 seconds while you jack off then he's not a real friend. STOP STARING AT ME! might become a new in-joke for the two of you. Or it could become a trauma trigger. Either way, you'll be closer for it.
    2. MAKE MULTIPLE MOLDS! If you have a bunch of friends and you really want all of them to feel your dick inside their ass, (over 10 would probably qualify as "a bunch" of friends to whom you give exact replicas of your erect penis and I think over 12 would qualify as too many, but who am I to judge), you'll speed up production by having three or four molds available to fill with the Clone-A-Willy silicone. Use the first finished Clone-A-Willy dildo to make the extra molds instead of your actual penis. It's easier than calling Charlie for help with the molding powder and getting an erection every time. You can make the rest of the molds and dildos by yourself. There's no need for friends at this point. You're all alone now. Just you and several molds of your penis. If you're only trying to make 3-4 clones, you know, for the REALLY good friends, you can just reuse the mold you and Charlie made together. 
    3. KEEP THE MOLD WET! The Clone-A-Willy molding material is a strange and mysterious substance. Okay, not really. It's alginate, which is a seaweed based molding compound. Dentists use it to cast teeth, artists use it to create lifelike sculptures and you're going to use it to make several copies of your hard Willy as gifts for your unsuspecting friends. It captures an amazing level of detail and remains flexible once it sets, but it requires water saturation to maintain its shape. If the mold sits empty for more than a few hours it will start to shrink which is the exact opposite of what you want when copying your penis for your buddies. Either keep production going by keeping the mold filled with curing silicone or top it off with water when not in use. If you're gentle with it and keep it wet, you can expect the mold to last about one week.   

    If you're like Russ, and want all of your friends to feel your dick inside their asses AND you have enough friends that you think you might qualify for a bulk discount, we're here to help.

    Seriously, enter the following Clone-A-Willy coupon code during checkout and it will get you 10% off your next order over $100.

    CODE: To All My Friends

    It might not be much, but it should leave enough money in your account to help you buy a round of drinks for your friends. They'll likely need it.



    Holler if you have questions. We're always happy to help.


    The Science of Sex: What's the Difference Between Silicone, Rubber and Silicone Rubber?

    by David Claus, Ph.D.

    Actually, according to chemists, the ’silicone rubber’ in your Clone-A-Willy Kit (or any other silicone sex toy) is not technically considered a silicone, a rubber, OR a silicone rubber.

    'Silicone Rubber' is a common lay-term for various polymeric organosilicon compounds.  These are carbon-hydrogen-oxygen compounds that also contain elemental silicon. In fact, the term silicone itself is actually a misnomer. The suffix ‘one' is used by chemists to denote a substance with a double-bonded atom of oxygen in its backbone. When first discovered, 'silicone' was believed to have oxygen atoms double bonded to each silicon atom, but this is not true!

    'Silicone' can be defined as an inorganic polymer (contains many bonds), and is also technically incorrect, at least according to a chemist.  The technically correct term for the various silicone rubbers you see in sex toys is polysiloxanes or polydimethylsiloxanes.

    'Rubber' is an entirely different molecule altogether. It's actually a carbon-based polymer that’s harvested from trees in the form of latex.  We'd never use latex to cast a penis.  Latex is prone to easy degradation and deformation.  Heat, oil, salts, metals, even air will degrade latex.  Needless to say, your Clone-A-Willy Kit is completely latex and rubber-free!

    Rest assured that Clone-A-Willy uses only platinum cure organosiloxanes, certified completely body-safe and non-reactive. Beware of some sex toys that claim to use 'Body safe silicone' but really use 'tin-cure silicone', which contains toxic elements and is NOT body safe. 

    Your finished Clone-A-Willy dildo is composed of a completely safe, stable molecule that is phthalate free, non porous, and will not degrade, deform, or leach chemicals, ever. 


    David Claus, PhD, is a chemist and expert on heavy-metals and their impact on bioinorganic systems.