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    Blog — sex positive

    Five Sex Positive Podcasts You Should Listen To

    Five Sex Positive Podcasts You Should Listen To

    Podcasts are an incredible way to digest information. We’ve rounded up our sex positive favorites that offer an exceptional perspective on important topics today.


    Savage Lovecast

    Savage Love, Dan's sex-advice column, first appeared in the The Stranger, Seattle’s alternative weekly, in 1991. In 1996 Dan launched the Savage Lovecast, a weekly, call-in advice podcast. It is now one of iTunes top 50 podcasts. Dan’s graphic, pragmatic, and humorous advice has changed the cultural conversation about monogamy, gay rights, religiosity, and politics.

    Dan Savage is an author, a sex-advice columnist, a podcaster, a pundit, and a public speaker.

    Why we like it

    “When I write an advice column or record a podcast, what I’m doing is creating this store of common sense in the heads of the listeners who didn’t ask the question. Because often what happens is: someone hears an answer, it doesn’t apply to them at that moment, but then they find themselves in a similar circumstance three or six months later and it comes back to them. That’s what advice columns and podcasts do: implant memories of what you do when x is happening to you.” 


    Dan Savage’s advice is sound, with the situations relatable. His approach is consistent but covers a diverse range of topics and is worth a long-term commitment.


    The Sexually Liberated Woman 

    The Sexually Liberated Woman podcast is an ongoing sex positive dialogue that highlights, celebrates, and encourages the sexually liberated woman—not just the idea of her, but her true-blue sexual empowerment in the flesh. It features vulnerable conversations and laid back discussions with incredible erotic advocates and sexually wise souls.

    Ev’Yan Whitney originally created Sex Love Liberation so that she could “have a place to chronicle her journey into sexual healing and awakening”. Since then, it’s transformed into a safe haven for other women who want to find peace within their sexualities and get their footing as erotic, sensual, self-empowered beings. Her purpose is to work with women intimately to help guide them into their own sexual awakenings and recover the lost connection with their desires.

    Why we like it

    The Sexually Liberated Woman is intentional, empowering and holds true to its promise to share vulnerable conversations and in-depth explanations into Ev’Yan Whitney’s journey into sexual liberation.


    The Heart

    The Heart is a podcast and audio art project about intimacy and humanity, focused on creating culture that challenges the way that we think about love, sex, and gender.

    Kaitlin Prest, host of the Heart, 28, started working with audio 7 years ago when she joined an experimental, erotic college radio show called Audio Smut in Montreal. In 2014, Prest and Kaboli landed a deal with Radiotopia, and have been steadily climbing the iTunes podcast charts to nearly 50-60,000 people downloading the show per episode.

    Why we like it

    The Heart just feels good to listen to. The sound clips, transitions, narrations and overall flow of episodes are distinct from other podcasts but are not isolating in its eccentricity.


    Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane

    Sex on the Brain with Amory Jane is a geeky, feminist take on sex, kink, and culture. This sex-positive podcast from educator and comedic storyteller, Amory Jane, will cover a variety of topics, such as porn, non-monogamy, BDSM, gender, and sex in pop culture.

    Amory Jane, M.A., host of Sex on the Brain, is a sex educator (education coordinator at She Bop), comedic storyteller and feminist filmmaker.

    Why we like it

    Episodes of Sex on the Brain sound like listening in on a conversation between close friends. Amory Jane brings a strong sense of community in which they share true perspectives on experiences we all have. We recommend starting with the  episode featuring the femme sex party.


    Sex Out Loud

    Sex Out Loud interviews leading authors, educators, artists and icons to give you an uncensored, inside look at alternative sexual practices and communities. Tristan Taormino delves into topics from the popular to the taboo, including sex education and sexual health, erotic fantasies, BDSM, non-monogamy, the adult industry, and more. Tristan answers audience questions on the air and shares her 15 years of experience through honest and down to earth sex-positive advice.

    Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, speaker and filmmaker.

    Why we like it

    Tristan’s experience coupled with the guests she features on Sex Out Loud provides a reputable voice for all things sex-related. We recommend starting with the episode featuring JoEllen Notte on “Sex, Depression and The Conversations We're Not Having”.


    Now that we’ve shared ours, feel free to share yours. What are your favorites?



    12 Life Hacks For Cloning Your Willy

    12 Life Hacks For Cloning Your Willy


    We realize that cloning your Willy is something you probably don't do everyday. The molding process in particular can be a little strange. When's the last time you stuck your erect penis into a tube full of weird, white goo? Never mind. Don't answer that.

    Here are some tips to help your Clone A Willy come out perfect:

    1. Read the instructions all the way through before starting. Make sure you're familiar with the water temperature requirements and time limits before making your mold. You don't want to be reading the next step while trying to measure the water temperature, measure the water volume, stir the molding gel and maintain an erection. In fact, in a perfect world, you don't want to be doing anything except trying to maintain an erection, which is why we recommend...

    2. Have a sexy helper do the mixing of the powder and water. This is maybe the best piece of advice we can offer. Have someone else measure the temperature and volume of the water while you think sexy thoughts. (It helps A LOT if the person doing the mixing and measuring is someone you find sexy!)

    3. Have an extra bag or two of powder on hand. Having an extra bag or two of powder can really help take the pressure off and help you maintain something worthy of a clone. You can buy extra bags of powder here.

    4. Try the tube on before mixing the powder and water. Cut the tube to size, insert your penis and press it against your body. Do you fit comfortably? Find a position you can stand in where you don't touch the sides. If you're really curved and can't fit in the tube without touching the side, try following these instructions.

    5. Make sure the water temperature is correct. Warmer water can make the alginate impression material solidify too quickly to make the mold, so pour the water into your mixing bowl and double check the temperature before you add the powder.

    6. No carpet! The molding gel is super easy to clean up once it solidifies as long as any spillage hits a hard surface. Linoleum, tile, wood, concrete... you get the idea.

    7. Vaseline on your pubes will make the mold easier to remove. The finished mold is very soft and flexible, so there's no risk of "getting stuck" in the mold, but it can grab your pubic hair and might take a little finesse to remove. Vaseline just makes it easier.

    8. Bend at the waist to insert. Once you've poured the molding gel into the tube, bend at the waist so your erect penis points down a little. Insert the head of your penis and press the tube against your body as you stand up, creating a seal that will help hold the molding gel inside until it solidifies. You can still adjust yourself before the mold sets, so don't panic and lose your boner.

    9. RELAX!!!! Sorry for the all caps!! Once you're in the mold, think of the sexiest thing you can think of and try to keep your erection for the next 90 seconds or so. Maybe enlist the help of your sexy lab assistant!

    10. Use a penis ring and lube if it helps. Use lube if it will help you get hard and use a penis ring if it will help you stay hard.

    11. If you mess up, don't worry. You can buy extra bags of powder here and you can...

    12. Email us at with other questions or ideas. We're always happy to help.

    The Steps to Cloning-A-Willy

    The Steps to Cloning-A-Willy

    How To mold a penis


    The first step of the cloning process is to create a precise negative mold of your willy. To achieve the highest level of detail, each Clone A Willy Kit contains a specially formulated body casting alginate. Alginate is a natural polymer derived from brown seaweed. It’s completely edible, body-safe, and lots of fun to use!  

    Next is the oh-so-important insertion step. Once fully erect, insert your willy into the alginate-filled molding tube and hold for about 60 seconds. The alginate cures up quickly into a spongy, flexible mold, so your willy can be easily removed.

    Clone A Willy’s incredibly pure, life-like silicone is what makes us so special! Some ‘silicones’ are hybrids or tin-cure silicones, and aren’t necessarily body safe. They tend to shrink and break down over time, and often smell funny. Your finished clone is a medical-grade platinum silicone, free from contaminants, phthalates, or toxins of any kind. It‘ll not only be absolutely true to size and shape, but it’ll be completely safe to use.  

    4. REVEAL
    By morning, you’ll have an exact, medical grade silicone copy of your own willy; each tiny ridge and vein perfectly reproduced. It’s completely stable, can be used with any lube, and looks and even FEELS just like the real thing!


    #cloneawilly #cloneapussy #diydildo #yourpartisart