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    Blog — maintain erection

    Why is Cloning-A-Willy Even Easier With A Sexy Helper?

    Creating an exact silicone copy of your penis using one of our casting kits is pretty simple and straightforward, but there is a reason we suggest using a sexy helper for the process. 

    Cock kit mixingErections can be quickly and easily lost, especially when your mind is on mixing and pouring things.  In order to create the negative mold, your erect penis has to remain in the molding gel for 1-2 minutes, implying you won't need to hold an erection any longer than that.  Not a problem for most men.  BUT... keep in mind that PREPARING the molding gel takes an additional 2 minutes.  So if you're doing the process by yourself, you're looking at holding an erection for up to 4 minutes straight.  This is also not normally a problem for most men... if they're being stimulated.  Without physical or mental stimulation, though, you just might lose that big, happy erection you're trying to capture forever in silicone. 
    A sexy helper can fix this.  While your helper is busy mixing and pouring, you can tend to your erection, ensuring it's fully engorged and ready to go when it's time to insert yourself into the mold. 
    Although there are other ways to help maintain your erection during the molding process (erectile enhancement pills, cock ring, penis pump, etc), the simplest, most fun, and our top recommended method is to just to get a hand from a sexy helper.


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