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    Clone-a-Willy’s NYE Event +
    Getaway Recommendations for 2016

    Clone-a-Willy’s NYE Event + <br>Getaway Recommendations for 2016

    The pressure is on. The days of 2016 are coming to an end. We realize many of you feel overwhelmed when trying to plan how to spend your last night of the year, so we decided to make a list of our top choices to make it easier for you. Here are our recommendations for events in the city and easy getaways.


    In the City

    “New Year’s Squeeze: The Last Artful, Dodgr, Dylan Stark, DJs KIFFO & RYMES, BRUXTON”


    1001 SE Morrison St, Portland, OR 97214

    8pm, 21+

    Main Squeeze and Holocene collaborate to host an exciting night with some of Portland’s most notable up and coming artists.


    Buy tickets:

    “RIP 2016: A New Years Eve RnB/Soul 45 Party & Late Nite Disco”

    East Portland Eagle Lodge

    4904 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97215

    8pm, 21+, $15/$10 with 2 cans food donated

    DJs Cooky Parker, Void Callie Danger and Montell Spinozza will spin their amazing soul and rnb collection before midnight, with promised boogie and disco records late into the night.

    NYE at S1

    4148 NE Hancock St, Portland, OR 97212

    21+, 10$

    The artist-run gallery space underneath a drugstore in the Hollywood neighborhood is hosting a party including but not limited to, drinks, snacks, and sounds and $5 raffles for from Control Voltage, Malekko Heavy Industry, Moffenzeef Modular, Women's Beat League, Townshend's Tea, Lensbaby. Ring in 2017 in the underground.


    Feeling like you could be into your own private heart-shaped hot tub party? An incredible view of the ocean? Vibrating beds? You don’t need a lover to love yourself and you definitely don’t need company to enjoy this hotel. Let this be a night of celebrating you, with or without others.

    Harbor Inn. Brookings, Oregon.

    Surprisingly, these charming cabins are still available for weekend rentals. If you’re feeling rustic and wanting a quiet getaway to the forest, these are ideal. Silver Falls is less than two hours away by car. Bring wood, your goods for hot toddies and champagne cocktails. You’re set.

    Silver Falls, Oregon

    This historic brick hotel 20 minutes South from the Dalles is charming to say the least. The couple running the hotel are the friendliest and warmest people to be around. There’s a memorable breakfast buffet in the morning. Bring a friend or two, some unfinished projects and the expectation that 2017 will be a productive year.

    Historic Balch Hotel

    Dufur, Oregon

    She Bop’s “Redefining Success When Polyamorous Relationships End”, a class review

    She Bop’s “Redefining Success When Polyamorous Relationships End”, a class review

    Dr. Eli Sheff led She Bop with a lecture and discussion on an aspect of relationships that affects all of us: breakups.


    Dr. Sheff explained her background in sex education, gender and sexual minority studies and research in polyamory that she has been dedicating her life to since 1996. Her years of research did give us answers, but raised more questions. Her dataset has been very specific within the polyamory community. The voices in her research come from those who have stayed in nonmonogamous relationships. Within that, Dr. Sheff is specifically interested in breakups and transitions in families. We were given an explanation of how those interactions are affected.


    “Breakups in conventional society are usually associated with failure.” Dr. Sheff insisted. Through her research, she has noticed a much different experience with polyamorous couples. Because the status quo, monogamy, is questioned, other aspects as well as habits of intimacy are questioned.


    Frequently in the healthy polyamorous relationships Dr. Sheff studies, the people transitioned rather than cut off communication entirely. Through one form of relationship to another, does not mean the end. Everything is not erased completely. This allows for fluidity and flexibility, two traits Dr. Sheff finds essential with human interaction. Sheff finds that It makes sense for many people to open up flexibility for relationship types because of our current nonstop access to people, life expectancy is long and you’re able to let go of shame and guilt when you give yourself that freedom.


    It’s inevitable. Everyone grows apart. Things must be explained per situation per person

    People with higher sex drives are more drawn to poly relationships, although there is less sex happening in many polyamorous relationships than conversation. Communication is key.


    Dr. Sheff peaked my interest in how we move on. I walked away, inspired to create a modern narrative on our process and experiences that deal with breakups, not just in the polyamorous community. If you would like to be a part of that and answer questions about your experiences, please email


    You can find more information about Dr. Sheff through the links below:

    Bon Appétit: The Fine Art of Cunnilingus

    Bon Appétit: The Fine Art of Cunnilingus

    There have been two polarizing experiences that have defined my approach to eating pussy. The first was during one of the most emotionally intensive relationships of my life. My partner and I would reach an impasse through talking issues out often, but physically we would communicate wonderfully. Except for eating pussy. Despite having a developed comfort with one another’s bodies, she would never let me eat her out. She practically hated the act, saw it as mildly disgusting, and felt bad for anyone that would want to spend such time performing. Since we were never great at traditional communication, we were never to hash out the origin of why she felt this way. It occurs to me now that she was possibly ashamed of her own pleasure, something that culture has reinforced by making cunnilingus appear something unenjoyable for the ones performing it. We never confronted that fact, so in turn we never engaged in the act.

    The second defining experience was from a completely opposing perspective. This person loved being eaten out and it was often the only way in which she could come. But it required work and dedication from both of us. These would be marathon hour long sessions of evolving move-sets, focal points, intensifying pressure and focus. For both of us, her pleasure had to be earned. It taught me to truly value putting forth the effort to give a partner that satisfaction and it showed me that sex was not so much an act of intense release, but a mutuality in which two (or more) people try to make one another feel as good as they possibly can. Being able to figure out what worked best meant I was going down on her every chance we got.

    Bon Appétit: The Fine Art of Cunnilingus, as guided by Amory Jane, did well to assuage the underlying machinations behind these experiences. Not simply a class built upon communication and cunnilingus’ societal perception, but on anatomy, technique and comfort as well. I found a new addition to my vocabulary with the fourchette (the skin on the bottom of the vagina) which not only sounds like an Italian culinary delicacy but, in some instances, can also be treated as such. With the aid of a 3D printed clitoris, Amory was able to effectively show that its anatomy was much larger than previously believed. There were also a wealth of effective positions that emphasized comfort for both givers and receivers that ranged from utilitarian to practically elegant. Amory passed around a wealth of toys that could enhance the pussy-eating experience from pocket vibrators to pulsing finger nodes that send small electrical pulses on touch. The toy seemed not only incredibly effective but also invoked reminders of Minority Report, which I would not rule out as a great science fiction niche kink.

    Yet, despite all the useful knowledge of physiology and technical practice, the cornerstone of the class is built upon communication. As with She Bop classes I’ve attended, these things ultimately come down to discussing and being open with your partner. Amory demonstrated this wonderfully by covering The Four Fears (Am I normal? How do I smell? How do I taste? Am I taking too long?) and how to properly confront them. As I have experienced, these thoughts can run rampant for some and being able to console a partner and make them feel comfortable with their bodies are tantamount to sexual pleasure. The class was opened with a couple of quotes by Margaret Cho:

    “Every (vagina) has its own architecture.”
    “Eating pussy is a metaphor.”

    The quotes aren’t meant to be obtuse or just good sentiment but, rather, to reinforce that eating pussy is not simply defined by an act. It is defined by what your partner is expecting from the act. It made me reflect on the experiences I mentioned previously. One was neglected from lack of communication, the other was bolstered by it. Sunday’s class made me feel confident in being able to better navigate experiences such as these and for that, it was incredibly valuable.

    written by Androo Meyers


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    HUMPFEST 2016 //
    Portland's Favorite Amateur Porn Festival

    HUMPFEST 2016 //<br> Portland's Favorite Amateur Porn Festival

    This year at HUMP! Film Festival we felt right at home in a sea of penises displayed at the nations hippest amateur porn festival, calling Portland and Seattle it's home. Our favorite part of sponsoring HUMP, besides the celebration of sex positivity, kinks, and Dan Savage turning us all into fan girls, is always the shenanigans we get into with the amazing crew at The Portland Mercury! Thanks to everyone for a great porn fest this year, we're already looking forward to the next! XO