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    Does Size Matter With the Clone-A-Willy?

    Does penis size matter with the Clone-A-Willy? In a word: No. The Clone-A-Willy kit is designed to replicate most men up to 9 inches without needing extra material. It's a very rare man who's over 9 inches long when measured along the top of his erection. Obviously every man is a little different, and if you're trying to copy a 7 inch penis with an extra thick 2.5+ inch diameter (7.8+ inch circumference), you might not have enough silicone to fill the mold you've created. So, if you're one of the scarce few men who might need extra material to fill their mold, do you need to purchase two kits to get a full-size replica? Again: No. A less expensive way to fill the mold is to purchase a 7 inch vibrator for $6.95. It will displace more silicone than the 5 inch vibrator that comes with the kit, thereby filling the mold of the exceptionally large gentleman.


    How Water Temperature Affects Your 3D Penis Alginate Mold

    When making a 3D alginate mold of your penis, proper water temperature is crucial. A few degrees off can mean the difference between a perfect mold and a failed attempt. This is especially true when molding an erect penis. 

    You may not realize it, but erections can be quickly lost. Without stimulus, the average man has approximately 2 minutes before he begins to lose his erection. The Clone-A-Willy Kit is designed with this in mind. Our specially formulated, body safe alginate allows enough time to mix it with water, pour it into your molding tube, and insert your penis, without needing to hold so long that you'll lose your erection. The Clone-A-Willy penis casting kit requires holding an erection for just 60 seconds.   No problem! 

    Proper water temperature is the key. Use the thermometer included in each kit to reach correct water temperature and follow the directions from there. Specific, body temperature water will give consistent results every time. Using warmer water will make the mixture gel faster – using cooler water will make it gel more slowly.

    With Clone-A-Willy's specially formulated 3D alginate molding gel, creating a perfect mold of your manhood is a breeze!

    The Science of Sex: Do lubricants kill sperm?

    by David Claus, Ph.D.

    Recent evidence shows they just might. It's not only those containing spermicides that are potentially toxic to sperm - they all might be - at least to some degree. 

    sperm image penis casting kit blog


    Years of peer reviewed, published research has shown that most sexual lubricants can decrease sperm's mobility, making it more difficult to reach an egg (1), but now there's a fair amount of credible research suggesting that those same lubricants might actually be toxic to sperm (2).

    Just about all of the top selling lubricant brands have been studied, and time after time, mobility, motility and viability of sperm were dramatically reduced after exposure to the lube. Even in small concentrations these lubes not only impeded sperm's ability to swim, but also decreased their ability to survive and/or caused possible damage to their chromosomes (3).

    What is it about these lubricants that is actually harming sperm?
    It might be their acidity. Ideally the best pH value environment for a healthy sperm is between 7.0 and 8.5, or slightly alkaline. Lubricants tend to have pH values below 7, making most of them acidic. Some lubricants have pH values as low as 3 or 4. These overly acidic environments can cause sperm death. Actually, the vagina's own natural acidic secretions can even kill sperm.  However, just before ovulation the pH of the cervical mucus rises slightly, which helps protect the sperm during this time.

    Sperm are also sensitive to both high and low osmolality (concentration of osmotically active particles in solution) because these can cause the cells to either shrink or swell too much. A physiologic osmolality around 320 mOsm/kg (that of semen) is best for sperm function (4). Sperm motility decreases with exposure to increasing osmolality, with all motion stopping at 600 mOsm or greater. Lubricants have osmolality levels 3-10 times that of semen that causes irreversible damage to sperm motility. Even water based lubricants can contain glycerin (also potentially toxic to sperm) or propylene glycol, both of which are highly hyperosmotic.

    Should you believe the marketing?
    Many leading brands state in their marketing material that they "will not kill sperm" or that they have "no effect on sperm motility." This is in spite of published literature to the contrary. There are hundreds of personal lubricants on the market nowadays, offering everything from 'purely organic' versions to brands that contain spermicides, create heating sensations, or even include numbing agents. In our research, the 'Pure,' 'Natural' or 'Organic' versions fare no better than the others.  If you are trying to conceive, one lube called Pre Seed claims to be completely 'sperm friendly,' and appears to have the actual data to back it up (5).

    David Claus, PhD, is a chemist and expert on heavy-metals and their impact on bioinorganic systems.

    The Science of Sex: Sodium Alginate and 5 popular foods that contain it.

    by David Claus, Ph.D.

    Q: How is the Clone-A-Willy Kit able to create such perfectly detailed, true to size and shape molds (negatives) of penises?
    A: By using a specially buffered, top quality sodium alginate and water, of course!

    Sodium alginate is probably something you've never heard of, but you've almost certainly been exposed to it, and most likely you've already eaten pounds of it.  But what exactly is it?

    Alginate penis kit

    Sodium alginate is a hydrocolloid; a substance that forms a gel when mixed with water. More specifically, it's a natural polysaccharide that's extracted from the cell walls of brown seaweed... the same stuff you see floating out in the ocean. Its function is to give flexibility to the seaweed, but this property also makes it ideal for use in many other  products.

    Aside from making perfect impressions of teeth and other bodyparts, alginates are commonly used as thickeners and emulsifiers (stabilizers) in sauces, syrups, ice cream toppings, hamburgers, and other foods. There's a good chance one of your favorites is below!


    1. Ice Cream and Popsicles - Sodium alginate is used as a stabilizer in ice cream popsicle penis kitto ensure a creamy texture and prevent ice crystals from forming during freezing. In fruit flavored popsicles, it helps distribute fruit uniformly during the freezing process, and helps stop dripping while eating.
    2. hamburger penis kitHamburgers - Sodium alginate is often added to hamburger meat in order to increase volume, making it more filling and possibly even healthier. Adding a bit of sodium alginate increases soluble fiber content without changing taste, and soluble fiber is something sorely missing from many American diets.
    3. Dairy Products and Yogurt - Yup, alginate is even found in chocolate milk, eggnog, and yogurt. It's added to increase viscosity and make the mixture smoother.  It's also a clarifying agent and stabilizer.
    4. Sauces and Dressings - Water-oil emulsions such as mayonnaise and salad dressings thickened with sodium alginate are less likely to separate into their original oil and water. It also works great on sauces and gravy's to prevent separation while naturally extending their shelf life.
    5. Pudding and Pie Fillings - Puddings, pie fillings and mousses also utilize the gelpie penis kit-forming and non-melting properties of sodium alginate.

    Sodium alginate is a completely safe, easy to use gelling agent that requires no heat or harsh chemicals to bring out its beneficial properties, making it ideal for all kinds of uses.  But using it to make a clone of your willy is arguably the most fun!

    The Science of Sex: The molecular formula for SEX

    by David Claus, Ph.D.

    Yes, there actually is a molecular formula for SEX, and here it is:


    homemade dildo SEX


    If you can't quite make out the above, it's a compound that, when written out on paper, spells out the letters S-E-X. The molecular formula is C142H156O17. Of course this is a theoretical molecule that doesn't occur in nature, and is of no use or value, BUT...



    There is another SEX molecule that DOES have value. It's called Sodium Ethyl Xanate:


    homemade dildo s.e.x.


    This chemical form of SEX actually IS a valuable compound. It can be used as an herbicide, as a flotation agent for recovering metals in the mining industry... it's even sometimes used as a rubber additive to protect against the depleting effects of oxygen and ozone.


    We'll leave it up to you to determine which is the more accurate SEX molecule.


    I'll leave you with one more fun molecule:

    This is a chemical structure called an Arsole:


    cock casting arsole


    There's actually a paper that's titled: "Studies on the Chemistry of the Arsoles", G. Markland and H. Hauptmann, J. Organomet. Chem., 248 (1983) 269.

    Can the title of a scientific paper get better than that?


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