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    5 Reasons Why a Custom Made Sex Toy is Better Than One Off The Rack


    Searching for the perfect sex toy can sometimes turn into quite a mission. There are so many options out there it is often intimidating. Creating a custom-made sex toy can greatly relieve that anxiety and add some excitement to the experience as a whole. Your sex toy will be 100% unique and personalized.


    One of the best things about creating anything at home is that you have complete control over the creative process. With something as personal as a sex toy that is vital. The ability to make your sex toy at home allows you to not only hand craft the most pleasurable product but also choose unique colors.


    Having a sex toy that is an exact replica of your lover’s member can greatly enhance your relationship. Not only does it allow you to get to know your partner’s most personal body part but it also promotes imitate even when you may be apart. Creating a homemade sex toy grants you a super personal and intimate product that has only ever been seen by the people you choose to share it with.


    Nothing tightens a bond between lovers like a fun and memorable experience. Creating a sex toy at home is the perfect setting to make some sexy and hilarious memories to reminisce about in the future. This project with not only ignite some passion, but also give you a reason to work together as a team with your partner.


    When you buy a pre-made sex toy your only option is to trust what the label tells you about the materials used to create it. When making a sex toy at home you get to see first-hand exactly what goes into the process. You are left with no questions about how safe the product might be because you are involved in it’s creation every step along the way.