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    12 Life Hacks For Cloning Your Willy

    We realize that cloning your Willy is something you probably don't do everyday. The molding process in particular can be a little strange. When's the last time you stuck your erect penis into a tube full of weird, white goo? Never mind. Don't answer that.

    Here are some tips to help your Clone-A-Willy come out perfect:

    1. Read the instructions all the way through before starting. Make sure you're familiar with the water temperature requirements and time limits before making your mold. You don't want to be reading the next step while trying to measure the water temperature, measure the water volume, stir the molding gel and maintain an erection. In fact, in a perfect world, you don't want to be doing anything except trying to maintain an erection, which is why we recommend...

    2. Have a sexy helper do the mixing of the powder and water. This is maybe the best piece of advice we can offer. Have someone else measure the temperature and volume of the water while you think sexy thoughts. (It helps A LOT if the person doing the mixing and measuring is someone you find sexy!)

    3. Have an extra bag or two of powder on hand. Having an extra bag or two of powder can really help take the pressure off and help you maintain something worthy of a clone. You can buy extra bags of powder here.

    4. Try the tube on before mixing the powder and water. Cut the tube to size, insert your penis and press it against your body. Do you fit comfortably? Find a position you can stand in where you don't touch the sides. If you're really curved and can't fit in the tube without touching the side, try following these instructions.

    5. Make sure the water temperature is correct. Warmer water can make the alginate impression material solidify too quickly to make the mold, so pour the water into your mixing bowl and double check the temperature before you add the powder.

    6. No carpet! The molding gel is super easy to clean up once it solidifies as long as any spillage hits a hard surface. Linoleum, tile, wood, concrete... you get the idea.

    7. Vaseline on your pubes will make the mold easier to remove. The finished mold is very soft and flexible, so there's no risk of "getting stuck" in the mold, but it can grab your pubic hair and might take a little finesse to remove. Vaseline just makes it easier.

    8. Bend at the waist to insert. Once you've poured the molding gel into the tube, bend at the waist so your erect penis points down a little. Insert the head of your penis and press the tube against your body as you stand up, creating a seal that will help hold the molding gel inside until it solidifies. You can still adjust yourself before the mold sets, so don't panic and lose your boner.

    9. RELAX!!!! Sorry for the all caps!! Once you're in the mold, think of the sexiest thing you can think of and try to keep your erection for the next 90 seconds or so. Maybe enlist the help of your sexy lab assistant!

    10. Use a penis ring and lube if it helps. Use lube if it will help you get hard and use a penis ring if it will help you stay hard.

    11. If you mess up, don't worry. You can buy extra bags of powder here and you can...

    12. Email us at with other questions or ideas. We're always happy to help.

    5 Reasons Why a Custom Made Sex Toy is Better Than One Off The Rack


    Searching for the perfect sex toy can sometimes turn into quite a mission. There are so many options out there it is often intimidating. Creating a custom-made sex toy can greatly relieve that anxiety and add some excitement to the experience as a whole. Your sex toy will be 100% unique and personalized.


    One of the best things about creating anything at home is that you have complete control over the creative process. With something as personal as a sex toy that is vital. The ability to make your sex toy at home allows you to not only hand craft the most pleasurable product but also choose unique colors.


    Having a sex toy that is an exact replica of your lover’s member can greatly enhance your relationship. Not only does it allow you to get to know your partner’s most personal body part but it also promotes imitate even when you may be apart. Creating a homemade sex toy grants you a super personal and intimate product that has only ever been seen by the people you choose to share it with.


    Nothing tightens a bond between lovers like a fun and memorable experience. Creating a sex toy at home is the perfect setting to make some sexy and hilarious memories to reminisce about in the future. This project with not only ignite some passion, but also give you a reason to work together as a team with your partner.


    When you buy a pre-made sex toy your only option is to trust what the label tells you about the materials used to create it. When making a sex toy at home you get to see first-hand exactly what goes into the process. You are left with no questions about how safe the product might be because you are involved in it’s creation every step along the way.

    5 of Portland's Oldest & Sexiest Businesses


    Originally opened as a piano bar, Mary’s Club was started in 1954. It is one of Portland’s oldest strip clubs. Even Courtney Love once graced Mary’s stage in the 1980s under the dancer name “Michelle”. In the heart of downtown Portland, Mary’s continues to put smiles on their customer’s faces and leave cartoon hearts dancing in their eyes. This is our pick for a steamy date night any day of the week.

    Oh Baby is a local lingerie shop located in historic Northwest Portland. It’s aesthetic is that of a vintage boudoir. However, this sexy boutique can not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Oh Baby has won several awards over the years, including Best Of The City by Portland Month Magazine. They’ve also been featured in international compilations based on their hand-picked selection of lingerie from all over the world.

    The Heathman Hotel is not only one of Portland’s oldest and most successful hotels, constructed in 1927, but it is also the legendary hotel featured in the risqué novel Fifty Shades Of Grey. Due to the major role the Heathman plays in the budding romance of the Fifty Shades main characters, the hotel now offers a variety of packages surrounding the stories themes, including candlelit dinners with Christian Grey’s favorite wine and a complimentary grey neck tie. Whether you are a 50 Shades fan or not, we all agree The Heathman Hotel serves as a super sexy staycation.

    Around since the late 1980’s, Spartacus is one of Portland’s oldest Sex shops. With a wide variety of adult BDSM and fetish products, this spot has everything you need for a tantalizing night in. Their sexy outfits & toys can even be seen while strolling down west Burnside. Let Spartacus help you get a little more creative in the bedroom.  

    Empire labs, the creators of Portland’s original penis casting product Clone-A-Willy, is excited to be celebrating their fifteen year anniversary. Clone-A-Willy was invented by a chemist and allows anyone to make a vibrating, silicone replica of any penis. Not only are these kits body safe, made in the USA, and can be made in the comfort of your own home, but we love the unique experience involved in making them. We are excited for the next sexy fifteen years from Empire Labs has to offer!