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    Blog — about us

    Worship the Temple: A History of Body Molding

    From Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs and Greek Heroes to Beethoven and groupies, the history of body molding is full of idolization.
    Death Masks
    Rooted in the idealization of the dead, ancient Egyptians believed in the preservation of the body through mummification. In order for the departed soul to return to its body, it needed to recognize itself, so the Egyptians created a mask of the deceased’s face. Though the early masks weren’t molded from the faces themselves—the mummification process preserved the features of the deceased—the masks were molded over the mummified faces and painted to the likeness of the deceased. In reality, the images painted were exaggerated features of the dead in order to elevate them to the level of gods. These masks, originally made from wood, were most commonly made from cartonnage; a linen or papyrus soaked in plaster and then molded on wood. For royalty, however, the death masks were created from gold or gold leaves on bronze and decorated with the semi-precious stone, lapis lazuli.

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    Inside the Empire: Meet Our Graphic Designer!

    What is your name?
    My grandmother likes to Google too much for you to know.
    What city were you born in?
    Santa Monica, California
    How long have you lived in Portland?
    1 year
    How long have you worked at Empire Labs (Clone-A-Willy)?
    Not sure...
    Have you ever cloned your willy and/or other body parts?
    Who would play you in a movie?
    Anyone in Caddy Shack
    If you had to sing karaoke, what would your go-to song be?
    When you're not working at Empire, what are you doing?
    Drinking cocktails at the top of the Big Pink. Or at Oaks Park.
    What is your biggest pet peeve?
    Bad smells
    Cats or dogs?
    Burrito or burger?
    Tator tots
    Ocean or mountains?
    Pepsi or coke?
    Britney or Christina?
    Can you play an instrument?
    Pan flute 
    Do you speak any other language?
    The Language of Love. 
    If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?
    NO! Whatever I don't know about them I want to keep a mystery. 
    If you could mold any part of your body, what would it be?
    I would mold my neck and the back of my head so I'd have a mold I could rest my head on. 
    What would you want your last words to be before you leave this earth?
    I see the light! 
    Is there anything else we should know about you?
    Glow in the Dark is my favorite Clone-A-Willy!

    Our Co-Founder, the Aquaman of Cats

    1) What is your job with Empire Labs and how long have you worked here?

    I am VP of Sales & Marketing. I co-founded Empire Labs back in 2001.

    2) What is the most unusual experience you've had as a result of your career at Empire Labs?

    That's a tough one! There are a lot...

    The first one that comes to mind was years ago when we were hosting a company booth at trade show that was being held in the LA Convention Center the week that Ray Charles passed away. The hall we were in was sectioned off by large red curtains. Directly on the other side of our booth Ray Charles was lying in an open casket so the general public could come pay their respects. I am a HUGE Ray Charles fan so it was very sad and even more surreal knowing what was going on behind our penis molding booth.

    3) What is the most rewarding part of working with the raw materials to create a functional, fabulous finished set of Clone-A-Willy kit ingredients?

    The letters we get from people that tell us how much fun they had with one of our products...and we get a lot of them!

    4) What is the most challenging?

    Keeping all of our manufacturing in the United States. We've never even considered China or any other location just to save money. Supplying our customers with top shelf quality products all made in the US is one of the main reasons we've been around so long. Our kits really work and they are safe.

    5) Do you get requests for certain types of kits that don't exist yet? If so, does there seem to be a trend in popularity?

    Yes. Everyone wanted more colors, so we have three great new colors! Jet Black, Hot Pink, and Neon Purple!

    6) What super power do you have, and what super power would you take if they were handing them out?

    My super power is that cats really, really like me for some reason. I'm like the Aquaman of cats.

    I'd like to be able to be invisible, and I'm not telling you what I'd do with that power!


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